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California Statewide Medical & Health Exercise

SWMHE - Exercise Templates
Chemical Fire with Burn & Pediatric Surge Scenario


Event Scenario (WORD)
How to Change the Scenario (WORD)


Ambulance Objectives (WORD)
Ambulatory Surgical Objectives (WORD)
Community Clinics Objectives (WORD)
Coroner  Objectives (WORD)
Dialysis Centers Objectives (WORD)
Emergency Management Objectives (WORD)
Environmental Health Objectives (WORD)
Fire Objectives (WORD)
Hospice/Home Health Objectives (WORD)
Hospital Objectives (WORD)
Law Enforcement Objectives (WORD)
Long Term Care Objectives (WORD)
​Public Health Objectives (WORD)

​The documents below are intended to assist exercise planners with exercise documentation.
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Exercise Templates



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