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Environmental Health Investigations Branch

Exposure Prevention and Education

​The Exposure Prevention and Education Section (EPES) seeks to increase health and environmental equity through exposure prevention activities, health and risk communication and public participation and education. EPES houses:

  •  California Breathing, the State's asthma program, focuses on disease surveillance and developing interventions that improve environmental conditions that cause or exacerbate asthma in the most impacted communities.
  • Healthy Homes and Communities is a program that protects Californians from exposure to harmful substances, such as mercury in skin creams, and mold in the home and community.
  • The Wildfire Health Plan Initiative is developing recommendations and guidelines for counties to use in case of wildfire smoke events. The plan will provide outreach and awareness to residents, information on staying healthy and safe during wildfire smoke events, and make recommendations for the delivery of emergency provisions.

What's New?

  • CA woman suffers severe kidney damage after using dangerous face creams containing mercury: Consumer alert in English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF) – The California Department of Public Health urges consumers to stop using the 'A Beauty Cream' Products. ​
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