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Stay Up To Date on Fall Vaccines, Schedule Your Vaccine Appointment Stay Up To Date on Fall VaccinesStay protected this virus season from serious illness. Everyone 6 months and older should get updated COVID-19 and flu vaccines. There are also new RSV immunizations available for older adults, pregnant people, infants and some younger children.#0072C6
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Find Alcohol Prevention ResourcesOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness MonthDrinking alcohol raises the risk of getting several kinds of cancer, including breast cancer. Lower your risk by learning more about the effects of alcohol and find easy tips to help you cut back.#0072C6
Save Lives with Safe Sleep, Find More Safe Sleep Recommendations Save Lives with Safe SleepWhether you are pregnant, a new parent or asking someone to look after your baby, follow the ABCs of safe sleep: Alone, on their Back, in a Crib, bassinet or pack ‘n’ play with no pillows, blankets or toys.#0072C6
Over-the-Counter Naloxone, Learn More About NaloxoneOver-the-Counter NaloxoneNaloxone is a life-saving medication used to reverse an opioid overdose. It is now available for purchase without a prescription at pharmacies, convenience and grocery stores, gas stations and online.#0072C6
Lead Poisoning Prevention, Learn More About Lead PoisoningLead Poisoning PreventionDid you know some small aircrafts still use leaded gas that creates dangerous air pollution and can cause health problems in children? Most kids with lead poisoning don’t seem sick or show any symptoms. Ask your doctor about a lead test today. #0072C6


Stay Safe During Wildfire Season

​​Exposure to smoke and ash can cause coughing, runny nose, phlegm, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Staying indoors, wearing a mask and having emergency supplies prepared are just a few ways to keep you and your family safe.

Find helpful resources and other tips to stay safe during wildfire season.​​​

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Vital RecordsVital Recordshttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/CA-BirthCertificate.jpg, Copy of live birth certificatehttp://cdph-default/Programs/CHSI/Pages/Vital-Records.aspx, Start Looking
Certificates, Licenses, Permits & RegistrationsCertificates, Licenses, Permits & Registrationshttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/CLPR.jpg, Construction workers looking at permitshttp://cdph-default/Programs/CEH/Pages/CLPR.aspx, Search & Verify
Certified Nurse AssistantCertified Nurse Assistanthttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/PublicHealth.jpg, Smiling female nurse holding up her hand http://cdph-default/programs/chcq/lcp/pages/cna.aspx, Learn More
Respiratory Virus PreventionRespiratory Virus Preventionhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/RespVirus.jpg, Woman sitting inside at a table blowing her nose, Take Action
MpoxMpoxhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/Mpox.jpg, Doctor speaking to male patient, Get the Facts
Shots for SchoolShots for Schoolhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/ShotsforSchool.jpg, Female doctor smiling & holding the hand of her young male patient during an appt, Find What You Need


​​Hispanic Heritage Month​​
​This Hispanic Heritage month, we celebrate and honor ​Hispanic communities across the nation for their rich histories, cultures and contributions that strengthen our diversity, especially in the Golden State. 

Read more about​ Governor Newsom’s proclamation​​.​

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Health Advisories & AlertsLeft imageHealth Advisories & Alertshttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/HealthAdvisories.jpg, Person typing on a laptop0<p>The California Health Alert Network (CAHAN) is the State of California’s web-based information and communications system for the distribution of health alerts, dissemination of treatment and prevention guidelines, coordination of disease investigation efforts, preparedness planning, and other initiatives that strengthen state and local preparedness. <br></p><p><a href="/Programs/CHCQ/LCP/Pages/LNCAFL.aspx" title="Find All Facilities Letters (AFLs)" target="_blank">Find All Facilities Letters (AFLs)</a><br></p>http://cdph-default/Programs/OPA/Pages/CAHAN/CAHAN.aspx, California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)



Information & Resources in SpanishInformation & Resources in Spanish Información y Recursos en Español. http://cdph-default/Pages/CDPH-Spanish.aspx, See Morehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/icon-crosspeeps.png, Espanol#2E8540
California Open DataCalifornia Open Data A statewide open data portal created to improve collaboration, expand transparency and lead to innovation and increased effectiveness., Find Datahttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/icon-padlock.png, Open Data Portal#EB6E1F
Free COVID-19 TestsFree COVID-19 Tests Learn how you can get four free at-home COVID tests and have them delivered directly to your home. ​, Order Your Testshttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/icon-testswab.png, COVID-19 Testing#721571
California Abortion AccessCalifornia Abortion Access Abortion remains safe, legal, and accessible in California, whether or not you live in the state., Find a Providerhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/icon-uterus.png, Uterus#0071BB
Let's Get Healthy CALet's Get Healthy CA A shared vision for the future health of Californians and promoting health equity for all., Learn Morehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/icon-heartcheck.png, Heart Health#2E8540