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Women, Infants & Children (WIC)​

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Health Care Providers

WIC is a program that provides healthy foods and expert advice on nutrition, health, and breastfeeding to families during critical periods of growth and development.

The California Department of Public Health/Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Division relies on health care providers like you to refer eligible families to WIC.

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1. About WIC
2. Refer Patients to WIC
3. WIC Breastfeeding Services
4. WIC Formulas
5. WIC Outreach Materials
6. Additional Resources

 About WIC

In this section, resources are provided to help you learn how WIC helps protect and promote the health of eligible families throughout California.

 Refer Patients to WIC

Do you have patients who could benefit from WIC? You can fill out and submit the referral forms below to refer pregnant, postpartum, and/or pediatric patients to WIC. Please note that a referral does not guarantee enrollment/certification in WIC, as applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements.

To be eligible for WIC services, some WIC applicants must provide proof of pregnancy (if applicable), height and weight measurements and blood work.

Learn more at the webpages listed below:

 WIC Breastfeeding Services

As a health care provider, you are an important source of breastfeeding information. You and your staff play a critical role in promoting exclusive breastfeeding and increasing breastfeeding duration. More information on how health care providers can support breastfeeding families can be found in this section.

 WIC Formulas

WIC provides standard contract formulas as part of a federally mandated cost containment system. More information on WIC formulas and how to request medical formula and nutritionals can be found in this section.

 WIC Outreach Materials 

Help us connect families with WIC! Health care providers can find electronic communications and outreach materials in this section to share with patients.

Use the order form below to order print brochures for sharing with patients.

 Additional Resources

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