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Office of legislative and Governmental Affairs

The Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs is dedicated to being a resource for the development and enactment of legislation to protect and promote public health on behalf of all Californians.

Our Vision

"To optimize the health and well-being of the people in California through the development and enactment of state public health laws."

In carrying out our Mission, we embrace the following values:

Resource: We provide information to others to make informed decisions to protect and promote the health of all Californians, including vulnerable and underserved communities.

Accountability: We follow through on commitments. We hold ourselves and others accountable for results.

Customer Service: We value our partners and foster both internal and external collaboration. We acknowledge our stakeholders as customers, listen to them, and take their needs into account.

Vision: We value creative problem-solving and enthusiastic pursuit of new ideas. We encourage innovation and creativity. We work in the present and focus on the future.


L​egislative Summaries

Annual list of legislation tracked by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The intent of the summary is to provide a synopsis of legistation affecting the CDPH.

Legislative Reports

Links to program reports mandated by both statute and the Budget Act or the Supplemental Report of the Budget Act.

Legislative Newsletters

Popular legislative topics and matters pertaining to the CDPH.

Contact LGA

The California Department of Public Health, Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs, staff and office contact information.


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