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California Home Visiting Program (CHVP)

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October 31, 2023


This information is for the 57 local health jurisdictions (LHJs) funded by the CDPH/California Home Visiting Program (CHVP) State General Fund (SGF). This memo is being distributed to the local MCAH Directors and Coordinators in the 57 LHJs and the full County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC) and the California Conference of Local (CCLHO) distribution list. Please disregard if this is not applicable to your LHJ.


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and state MCAH leadership and representatives from the County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC) and the California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO)

Department of Public Health (CDPH), Maternal Child and Adolescent Health Division (MCAH), California Home Visiting Program (CHVP)

CDPH/CHVP Memo #23-07: CHVP Policy and Procedure Feedback Request


The purpose of this memo is to request CHVP local health jurisdictions (LHJs) to review and provide feedback to CHVP policies and procedures (P&Ps). CHVP P&P drafts will be shared in increments through CDPH/CHVP memos and feedback will be collected through a Microsoft Form survey.

Attached to this memo are seven P&Ps that are ready for review and feedback. CHVP requests that LHJs review and provide feedback through the Microsoft Form survey linked below by November 14, 2023. CHVP will consider all feedback and not all suggestions may be integrated into the P&Ps.

This memo contains a summary of the seven P&Ps that will be released for review and feedback. CHVP will notify LHJs with an effective date once the P&Ps are finalized. Reference the table below for a summary of new, updated, and discontinued P&Ps.​​ 


With the recent expansion and growth, CHVP has been in the process of updating current P&Ps and developing new P&Ps to align with programmatic and data requirements, scope of work (SOW), and model requirements. CHVP LHJs and local partners may review and provide feedback to the seven P&Ps attached.​​​​


The table below highlights two new P&Ps, five updated P&Ps, and one discontinued P&P along with a brief description or update. Reference the attachments for the completed P&Ps.​​

CHVP Poli​​​cy and Pr​​ocedu​re Description/ Update

 *NEW Attachment 1: 200-40 Family Transition Plans

  • The purpose of this policy is to ensure that home visiting families are provided with appropriate referrals to needed resources and services prior to completion of, or dismissal from, a home visiting program.
*NEW Attachment 2: Allowable Uses of CHVP Funding for Mental Health and Social Worker Consultation in Home Visiting
  • The purpose of this policy provide support to local California Home Visiting Programs to build capacity and enhance mental health supports.

 Attachment 3: 100-50 Outreach to Disengaged Participants

  • Updated P&P name from Creative Outreach to Enrolled Participants to Outreach to Disengaged Participants
  • Added more outreach efforts and attempts to reach participants

 Attachment 4: 200-10 Approval Process for Outreach Materials

  • Expanded approval process to include both SGF and MIECHV
  • Added examples of outreach materials and updated tagline format

 Attachment 5: 200-30 Media Inquiries

  • Program consultants (PCs) must be informed of all media inquiries.
  • Added media inquiries definition

 Attachment 6: 500-10 Early Childhood Systems Integration

  • Updated P&P name from Community Advisory Board (CAB) Guidance to Early Childhood Systems Integration
  • Added transitions and service referrals requirements

 Attachment 7: 100-60 Contracted Caseload Capacity

  • Updated P&P name from Maximum Caseload Capacity to Contracted Caseload Capacity
  • Added background, PAT procedure, and definitions
*DISCONTINUED Attachment 8: 200-40 Telehealth Encounters
  • This policy provides guidance to the participant consent form that is no longer valid.​


​Please refer to attachments 1-7 for the CHVP P&Ps to review. If you would like to provide feedback, please complete the Microsoft survey by COB, November 14, 2023. Please coordinate your responses and submit one (1) CHVP P&P Feedback Survey per Local Health Jurisdiction. 

Use the link to access the CHVP P&P Feedback Survey: CHVP P&P Feedback Survey.


If you have any questions about this memo, please contact your assigned program consultant or
CDPH/ CHVP via email:​​​


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