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Black Infant Health (BIH)

BIH Group Model Components

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for enrollment in the group model, participants must:

  • Be pregnant,
  • Self-identify as Black, and
  • Be 18 years of age or older and less than 30 weeks gestational age.

​​​​​​Once enrolled, participants complete a baseline assessment administered by a mental health professional.

Prenatal Component (Pre-Birth)

The BIH group model starts with the prenatal component that includes:

  • Ten 2.5-hour sessions led by two trained facilitators
  • Groups of 8–12 participants per series
  • Flexible start date (within 30 to 45 days of enrollment)

The group sessions are complemented by 1:1 support meetings with an assigned family health advocate or public health nurse. This individualized support includes:

  • Connecting the participant to other services
  • Identifying strengths, challenges, and resources to conduct life and family planning
  • Preparing a birth plan and conducting a home safety checklist 

During this component, participants will complete a second assessment before their delivery, ideally between 33 to 36 weeks gestation.

BIH sites provide participants transportation to and from group sessions as well as food and child care during group sessions. Each BIH site offers motivators for participation.

Postpartum Component (After Birth)

After participants give birth, they can begin the postpartum component which:

  • Starts with a third assessment and postpartum depression screening within two months after delivery
  • Provides 1:1 support until the participant joins the postpartum group
  • Offers a flexible start date for group sessions (up to six months after delivery)
  • Includes ten 2.5-hour sessions led by two trained facilitators
  • Works with groups of 8–12 participants per series

Upon conclusion of the postpartum group, participants concludes their participation in the BIH Program by completing a final assessment, satisfaction survey, and confirming their life plan (the short- and long-term goals they developed while in the program.​

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