California Tobacco Control Branch

California Tobacco Control Branch

California Tobacco Control Program


​The California Tobacco Control Branch leads statewide and local health programs, services and activities that promote an environment truly-free of tobacco. ​

Funding Opportunity Alerts:

Request for Applications (RFA) CG 18-10064 California Tribal Grants to Reduce Tobacco – Related Disparities

The purpose of the California Tribal Initiative to Reduce Tobacco-Related Disparities is to address commercial tobacco-related disparities affecting the American Indian population by directly funding California Tribal Governments and Tribal Government Agencies. This Request for Application (RFA) seeks to fund Tribal Governments to reduce commercial tobacco-related health disparities in American Indian communities through tribal approaches focused on commercial tobacco use prevention and reduction, collaboration, and community engagement.  

The term tobacco used in this RFA refers to commercial tobacco products. This RFA does not seek to impinge upon the sacred use of tobacco (traditional tobacco) in American Indian Communities.   


Request for Applications (RFA) 18-10414 Finishing The Fight: Statewide Coordinating Centers for Community Engagement and Organizing, Policy Development and Implementation, and Youth and Young Adults.
The purpose of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to fund 1-3 grants that will plan, develop, disseminate and support implementation of evidence-based and promising policies and practices that promote community-norm change strategies, which can be replicated by others to create healthy sustainable communities that dissuade or eliminate tobacco use.

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