California Tobacco Control Branch

California Tobacco Control Branch

California Tobacco Control Program


​The California Tobacco Control Branch leads statewide and local health programs, services and activities that promote an environment truly-free of tobacco. ​

Funding Opportunity Alerts:

CG 20-10021 Tobacco -Free for Recovery

The purpose of this project is to reduce tobacco use and promote wellness policies and activities among individuals with behavioral health and substance use disorders in community residential behavioral health facilities through the adoption and implementation of tobacco-free campus policies, implementation of evidence based nicotine addiction treatment, and other wellness policies and system changes that support tobacco use cessation. The Wellness Quality Improvement Project (QIP) seeks to reduce tobacco-related disparities in residential behavioral health settings through grantee's participation in specialized training and support for tobacco policy change, paired with the promotion of other wellness approaches such as increasing exercise breaks, improving access to healthy foods, and promoting socialization and activities for wellbeing.


CG 20-10004 Rising Alliances for a Tobacco-Free California

The purpose of this RFA is to fund agencies which have less than three (3) years of demonstrated agency experience in tobacco control, or who would like to become engaged in the tobacco control movement for the first time. This RFA will fund approximately fifteen (15) projects, which will build on past efforts to prevent, reduce and eliminate tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke and aerosol produced by e-cigarettes and vaping devices, and engage new agencies whose work aligns with tobacco control in the effort to achieve a tobacco-free California. Note: For the purposes of this RFA, the use of the word “tobacco” refers to commercial tobacco products and their use.


CG 20-10005 Advancing Momentum for a Tobacco-Free California

This RFA will fund approximately thirty-five (35) projects, which may be implemented at the local, regional, or statewide level. It seeks to fund experienced tobacco control partners to conceive, implement, and evaluate progressive plans that respond to service gaps and areas of need in the current tobacco control landscape. The purpose is to fund progressive projects with demonstrated agency and staff experience and capabilities in tobacco control, that will advance proven strategies to prevent and reduce tobacco use, strengthen partnerships with priority populations, increase the reach and impact of tobacco control programs in underserved areas, and rigorously pursue tobacco-free policies with a broad range of proven and innovative approaches and partners.


CG 20-10013 Reducing Tobacco-Related Disparities in American Indian and Alaskan Native Communities

The purpose of the Reducing Tobacco-Related Disparities in American Indian Communities Request for Application (RFA) is to prevent and reduce the use of commercial tobacco products among California's American Indian/Alaskan Native communities. The term "tobacco" used in this RFA refers to commercial tobacco products. This RFA does not seek to impinge upon the sacred use of traditional or ceremonial tobacco in American Indian communities.

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