California Tobacco Control Branch

California Tobacco Control Branch

California Tobacco Control Program

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​The California Tobacco Control Branch leads statewide and local health programs, services and activities that promote an environment truly-free of tobacco. ​

Funding Opportunity Alerts:

LLA 2022-2025 Comprehensive Tobacco Control Guidelines

California Health and Safety Code (HSC) Section 104375 (h) authorizes the California Department of Public Health to issue Guidelines for Local Lead Agencies (LLAs) to develop Plans that comply with HSC Section 104380. These 2022-2025 Comprehensive Tobacco Control Guidelines are designed to direct each of the 61 designated Tobacco Control LLAs in the development of their Comprehensive Tobacco Control Plans. The implementation of these local Plans will provide services to prevent tobacco use and promote smoking cessation.

Solicitation CG 21-10001, Information Clearinghouse for Tobacco Use Prevention

The California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program (CDPH/CTCP) is issuing this solicitation for the purpose of funding one (1) public, or private-nonprofit agency to operate and maintain a statewide tobacco control information and resources clearinghouse to support CDPH/CTCP-funded projects by providing a consistent and reliable source of culturally-tailored evidence-based educational materials.

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