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California Home Visiting Program (CHVP)

State General Fund Innovation 2.0Questions and Answers

Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health
Center for Family Health​​​​

How closely aligned or connected does the project need to be to our existing CHVP NFP program? Is it expected that the innovation project provide a direct benefit to only our enrolled CHVP clients, or can it also support pregnant people and their young children who are not currently enrolled in home visiting?  Proposed projects do not need to align with currently implemented home visiting programs or directly benefit currently enrolled home visiting participants. However, proposed projects must align with the category requirements outlined below on page 3 of the RSI.
How “innovative” does the project need to be? For example, can innovation funds be used to provide services or supports that the base allocation does not allow (i.e., covering a rent payment, car repair, utility bill, etc. up to a certain dollar limit)?  No. Providing services or supports to existing CHVP-funded evidence-based home visiting programs that MIECHV or SGF EBHV allocations do not allow (i.e., covering a rent payment, car repair, utility bill, etc. up to a certain dollar limit) does not align with category requirements as outlined on page 3 in the RSI.
Can funding be used to contract with an outside agency?  For example, can we contract with behavioral health or MICOP staff to support an evidence-informed practice?

Yes. An LHJ can propose a project that includes subcontracting to other agencies. Page 6 of the RSI has details about subcontractor monitoring.

Can these funds be used to pay for a contractor’​s services? If so, is there a maximum % of the allocation that can be spent on contracted services? 

Yes. An LHJ can propose a project that includes subcontracting to other agencies. There is not a maximum percentage of the allocation that can be spent on the contracted services. Page 6 of the RSI has details about subcontractor monitoring.
Can Year 1 funds be used for planning purposes similar to the recent State General Fund Expansion funds? At what point is implementation expected to begin?  Yes. LHJs may use Year 1 funds for planning purposes. CDPH/CHVP supports a 12–18 month period for planning and start-up for new home visiting programs to reach full implementation.
Will there be an advantage for sites who choose an evidence-based model vs. an evidence-informed component?  There will be no advantage given to an evidence-based model as compared to an evidence-informed model.
Can funds be used to coordinate with or leverage the efforts of partner MCAH programs, like BIH or AFLP? 
Yes. Proposals will be accepted for projects that coordinate with other MCAH programs. Proposals should include home visiting as a primary service delivery mechanism.
Can you provide additional clarification on the Evidence Informed practices that would be considered? For example, would a home visiting program that uses motivational interviewing and trauma informed practice be considered? Yes. Home visiting that uses evidence-informed practices, such as motivational interviewing and trauma informed practice, may be considered as part of an evidence-informed model.
If we were to consider a doula innovation project, can the doula bill for services separately and we provide funding for the operational costs? (Doulas would be seeing the families our PHNs caseload).
A doula program that aligns with the intent and category guidance outlined in the CHVP SGF INNV 2.0 RSI may be considered. Projects must support a model that uses home visiting as a primary strategy for providing services to pregnant people and/or children from birth to kindergarten entry.
Would Healthy Beginnings be considered an evidence-based home visiting program?  If yes, can it be combined with a program like Field Home Visiting Nursing?
Yes. The Healthy Beginning model does meet criteria for evidenced-based home visiting, as outlined by the Home Visiting Evidence of Effectiveness Review (HomVEE). CDPH/CHVP is unable to speak to specifics of combining the model with another program, like Field Home Visiting Nursing, without additional details, however, it may be possible. The model-developer may also need to be consulted.

Napa County is part of the CHVP Innovation 1.0 Project along with San Francisco and Sonoma counties (Trauma Informed Approach PHN Home Visiting). 

Both SF and Sonoma currently utilize a Social Worker (SW) in their TIA program through a different funding source, not with CHVP Innovation project money. My question is, would we (Napa County) be able to apply for the CHVP Innovation Project 2.0 RSI to add this component (to hire a SW) to our work or would we have to apply together (because we are part of the Tri County Consortium)?

To be eligible to the RSI under this criterion, the Innovation 1.0 consortium would need to apply together because the proposal would be to add an additional component to the current project. For additional details, please see page 3 of the RSI.​


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