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Forensic Alcohol Review committee


Health and Safety Code Section 100703 requires the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to establish a committee that will evaluate current CDPH regulations pertaining to forensic and breath alcohol analysis and consider revisions to these regulations necessary to ensure the competence of the forensic alcohol laboratories and employees. After its initial meeting, the Committee will meet at least once every three years, or within 60 days of receipt of a request by the Department or a member of the Committee (cf. HSC§100703(c)]. The Department formed the committee in 2005 and the committee conducted 29 full meetings. 

The content of the Forensic Alcohol Review Committee website, which included the complete record of the committees’ activities of the committee since its formation in 2005, was not transferred to the Department of Public Heath’s new website. Information concerning future meetings of the review committee can be obtained by contacting the Food and Drug Laboratory Branch.

Phone and Fax:​

Phone: (510) 412-6220
Fax: (510) 412-6280

Mailing Address:

California Department of Public Health
Food and Drug Laboratory Branch
850 Marina Bay Parkway, G365
Richmond, CA 94804-6403​

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