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Loved Ones & Youth

Loved Ones

For most people, gambling is entertainment but for some, it is not just entertainment, it’s a problem. Approximately one million California adults experience problems related to gambling. Problem gambling behavior does not just affect the gambler, but also affects 8-10 others around them such as loved ones, spouses, children, parents, or even co-workers.

The discovery of a gambling problem can be devastating emotionally as well as financially in a relationship, causing partners or loved ones to feel confused, hurt, angry, and uncertain about their future. Those who are affected by problem gambling behavior often feel as if they have lost a sense of purpose, they feel shameful and tend to withdraw from family and friends.

Help is available to the gambler or those who are impacted by someone’s gambling behaviors. Finding a counselor, who is ready to listen, understand, and offer guidance, can be an invaluable resource for loved ones of problem gamblers.
Answer a few questions to determine if gambling has become a problem for someone you love.


The earlier someone starts to develop a gambling problem, the worse it can get and the consequences can catch up. The legal gambling age, like that of alcohol and tobacco consumption, is set for a reason; to protect young people. 

Answer a few questions to determine if gambling has become a problem.

To find out more information about problem gambling resources visit our Help & Support page.

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