Site Assessment Section

Environmental Health investigations branch

Environmental Health Investigations Branch

Site Assessment Section

The Site Assessment Section (SAS) assists communities and public agencies to address health and exposure concerns related to hazardous waste sites (for example Superfund sites) and releases of hazardous materials.

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Emerging Environmental Public Health Concerns

Engineered Nanomaterials: The California Department of Public Health is working to promote and encourage the safe development and use of engineered nanomaterials by raising awareness of the uncertainties associated with these materials.

DryCleanerImage_fromUnsplash_freestockphotoModesto Dry Cleaner Investigation

SAS is currently conducting an investigation on how vapors from dry cleaning chemicals like tetrachloroethylene (PCE) could affect the quality of indoor air in former dry cleaner buildings and nearby homes by vapor intrusion.

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Riverside Agricultural Park

SAS is currently conducting an investigation on the public health concerns associated with contamination at the Riverside Agricultural Park ("Ag Park"). Riverside Agricultural Park Information and Resources
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