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Breastfeeding Initiative

Guidelines and Resources for Hospitals

Medical Professional in hospital room with breastfeeding women in background

Most hospitals do not fully support breastfeeding . Breastfeeding helps protect against childhood obesity and other illnesses, and lowers medical costs.

Systems and Environmental Change 

California Infant Feeding Guide
A feeding guide for children from birth to one year of age, with a focus on breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Model Hospital Policy Recommendations
These recommendations are designed to give basic information and guidance to perinatal professionals who wish to revise policies that affect the breastfeeding mother.

Model Policy: Payer Coverage of Breastfeeding Support and Counseling Services, Pumps and Supplies 
Created by the United States Breastfeeding Committee and the National Breastfeeding Center to identify best practices for supporting coverage of services, pumps and supplies per the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Hospital Breastfeeding Rates & Reports 
Annual fact sheets and biannual reports on California hospital rates and policies produced by the California WIC Association.

Baby-Friendly™ Hospitals in California  
California leads the nation with hospitals achieving the prestigious Baby-Friendly Hospital designation

Baby-Friendly USA 
Baby-Friendly USA, Inc. (BFUSA) is the accrediting body and national authority for the BFHI in the United States. In this capacity, BFUSA is responsible for coordinating and conducting all activities necessary to confer the Baby-Friendly designation and to ensure the widespread adoption of the BFHI in the United States.

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