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The Office of Binational Border Health (OBBH) aims “to facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration between California and Mexico health officials, health professionals, and communities in order to optimize border and binational health.”

The OBBH also publishes an annual Border Health Status Report to the Legislature (PDF) to provide a general overview of the health status of border communities in the California-Mexico border region.

Border Priority Issues​​


California’s border counties carry most of the state’s overall TB burden. In 2015, Imperial County reported the highest rate among all California counties.
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In 2014, Imperial and San Diego counties had a total of 13,112 individuals diagnosed and living with HIV infection; of these, 41.9% were classified as HIV cases (non-AIDS) and 58.2% were classified as AIDS cases.
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In 2014, according to CHIS Data, 8.9% of adult respondents in California had been diagnosed with diabetes, compared to 6.8% and 15.9% of adults in San Diego County and Imperial County, respectively.
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In 2014, 24.8% of adults in San Diego County and 41.9% of adults in Imperial County were obese. Imperial County had one of the highest proportions of obesity of all California counties.
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Collabortive Projects

Border Health Consortium of the Californias

Aims to facilitate communication, knowledge, and best practices amongst groups/organizations/people that perform public health work in the California Border Region, to work together to bring resources to the CA Border Region, and to educate and advocate with local, state, and federal policymakers regarding public health issues affecting our Border Region.

San Diego County Promotores Coalition

Aims to advance, value, and recognize the work of Promotores and to support organizations that work with Promotores to increase access and services to residents of San Diego County.

San Diego ​Border Health Collaborative

Aims to promote a healthy California-Baja California border region by working together with partners to address the needs of our shared community.

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