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Environmental​ health Training in Emergency Response (EHTER)​

What is EHTER?

Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response (EHTER) is a course that addresses the environmental health impacts of emergencies and disasters, including unsafe food, water, air, and housing; accumulation of waste; and lack of sanitation.​​ EHTER explores why residential, recreational and regulated facilities need protection when disaster strikes. EHTER cross-trains the environmental​​ health professionals​ that protect these essential elements for life during emergencies​. ​

The course is designed by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and taught at the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP). Visit the ​CDP website to apply for courses and view the current course schedule. The CDP EHTER curriculum includes two modules:  ​​

Ca​lifornia EHTER

The CDPH Environmental Health Support Section offers California-specific EHTER courses. These supplement the Federal EHTER courses and are tailored to the host agency’s local environmental health jurisdiction​.

Cours​​e Schedule




​Course Type




Additional Information

Long Beach


Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop (EPTW)

​EHTER Principles

(Rebuilding, Re-permitting, Reopening for Recovery:   Environmental Health in Emergency Response)

Hoa Tan, REHS

1 hour. Included with conference registration. 



The Continuing Challenge​​


​Thad​deus Hunt, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

8 REHS contact hoursIncluded with conference registration. 


Program Contact :​

Hoa Tan, REHS
Emergency Preparedness Program Manager​
CDPH Environmental Health Support Section

(530) 760-5863​

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