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Health Equity Research and Statistics section
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About the Health Equity Research and Statistics Section (HERSS)

HERSS is a leading state section in collecting data and disseminating information about health and mental health disparities and inequities in California. HERSS researches and produces data to fulfill statutorily-mandated reports, and provides information and technical assistance to CDPH programs, state agencies, local health departments and stakeholders who are working to collect and report information on health and mental disparities and inequities in California.

HERSS Vision

HERSS’s vision is to become the state’s reference office that provides consultation and data resources to keep abreast of data trends, in an effort to mitigate and eliminate health and mental health disparities and inequities in California.

HERSS Mission

HERSS advances health and mental health equity by:

  1. Providing consultation and technical assistance to state departments and other state and local agencies as well as private entities related to health disparities.
  2. Developing a report with demographic analyses on health and mental health disparities and inequities, updated periodically but not less than every two years, highlighting the underlying conditions that contribute to health and well-being, accompanied by a comprehensive, cross-sectoral strategic plan to eliminate health and mental health disparities.
  3. Transparency through making the data easily accessible to all Californians through different means such as biannual reports, issue briefs, and dissemination through a website in order to measure and track disparities among vulnerable population groups. 

HERSS Values include: 

  1. Accountability - HERSS is accountable to the people of California, as well as to those who depend on its services and information.
  2. Communication - The sharing of information is important for HERSS to effectively and reliably transmit data both internally and externally.
  3. Community - HERSS enhances and supports other areas of OHE's strategic planning effort.
  4. Innovation -  Innovation typifies what HERSS does. For example, HERSS’s demographic report which includes almost all social, economic, and environmental determinants related to health and mental health disparities is unique in state government.

HERSS Projects

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