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Black Infant Health Program

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April 19, 2024


​The 14 Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs) funded by the Black Infant Health Program (BIH) State General Fund (SGF) expansion, including the Local Health Officers; Deputy Health Officers; Health Executives; and Maternal Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) and BIH Directors/Coordinators


California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and state MCAH leadership, and representatives from the County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC) and the California Conference of Local Health Officers (CCLHO)​

​CDPH/MCAH Division, Black Infant Health Program

Notice of Intent to Award: Updated Annual Allocations for the Black Infant Health Program for State Fiscal Years 2024/25 and 2025/26​

The purpose of this Notice of Award (NOA) is to provide information about annual local allocations for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH)/Black Infant Health Program (BIH).  CDPH/BIH will allocate $24.8 million in SGF and $3.9 million in Title V for administration of the BIH program in specified service areas with defined concentrations of Black birthing Women/people and the required staffing pattern as outlined in the 2023 BIH Request for Supplemental Information. This funding is to be utilized solely for the purpose of improving black infant birth outcomes and providing strategies to assist in reducing Black maternal and infant mortality. 

Updates to Annual Allocation for State Fiscal Years 2024/25 and 2025/26.  Effective July 1, 2024 both Title V and SGF allocations have been updated to account for the expansion to the BIH program and to utilize SGF, in accordance with last year's Request for Supplemental Information and individual county contract negotiations to meet the needs of the LHJs. The total allocations for each county remain unchanged (except those with contract negotiations). Title V has been calculated utilizing a per-service area approach and each service area will receive $150,627. SGF has been updated to compensate for any shortfall in Title V compared to previous year.

To carry out the program(s) outlined in the SOW and Budget(s), during the period of July 1, 2024  through June 30, 2026, the CDPH/MCAH Division will reimburse expenditures annually up to the following amounts:​​​

​​​​Black Infant Health Program Annual Allocations for SFY 2024/25 and SFY 2025/26

LHJ (# of Service Areas)a​​​​ TV Annual Allocationb  SGF Annual Allocationc Final Annual Allocation (TV and SGF)d​
Alamed​a (2)  $301,523  $1,516,477 $1,818,000
Contra Costa (2)  $301,523  $1,621,477 $1,923,000
Fresno (1)  $150,627  $1,253,373 $904,000
Kern (1)  $150,627  $753,373 $904,000
Long Beach (1)  $150,627  $1,753,373 $1,904,000
Los Angeles (6)  $902,405  $4,621,595 $5,524,000
Orange (1)  $150,627  $753,373 $904,000
Riverside (2)  $301,523 $1,506,477 $1,808,000
Sacramento (2)  $301,523  $1,621,477 $1,923,000
San Diego (2)  $301,523  $1,506,477 $1,808,000
San Bernardino (3) $451,880 $2,260,120 $2,712,000
San Francisco (1)  $150,627  $753,373 $904,000
San Joaquin (1)  $150,627  $753,373 $904,000
Santa Clara (1)  $150,627  $753,373 $904,000
$20,927,711 $24,844,000
  1. Solano County declined to respond to the RSI and is not included in the table.
  2. New Title V allocation of $150,627 per service area.
  3. Updated SGF allocation to make whole FY 23/24 Title V allocation.
  4. Long Beach's allocation includes funding for statewide public awareness efforts.​

The availability of BIH funds are based upon funds appropriated in each SFY Budget Act.  Reimbursement of invoices is subject to compliance with all federal and state requirements pertaining to the CDPH/MCAH related programs and adherence to all applicable regulations, policies and procedures.  

Please ensure that all necessary individuals within your agency are notified of this Notice of Intent to Award. If you have any questions, please email the BIH mailbox at​.

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