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healthcare-associated infections (HAI) program

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What Can We Do to Prevent HAI?

Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) are a public health threat requiring coordinated action.  Local health departments (LHD) and other health agencies and other partners all have a role in HAI prevention.  The HAI Program is committed to preparing for public health threats and HAI outbreaks by providing information to assist partners, highlighting our HAI prevention initiatives, and offering opportunities for collaboration and education.  We welcome partnerships with local public health departments and other organizations, groups and individuals.

HAI Program Support 

LHD are encouraged to contact the HAI Program for infection prevention inquiries, including:

  • Current infection prevention education and training resources
  • Questions about infection prevention and control policies and procedures
  • Conducting onsite infection prevention assessments in your jurisdiction’s healthcare facilities
  • Participation in statewide or regional HAI/antimicrobial resistance (AR) prevention collaboratives
  • Assistance with investigation and response to unusual infectious disease occurrences and outbreaks that occur in healthcare facilities and other congregate settings in your jurisdiction

How to reach us:
For HAI/IP questions, email:
For COVID-related questions, email:
You may also contact your county's HAI Liaison Infection Preventionist

Resources for Public Health Partners

Search our resource library for infection prevention training, education, and references.

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