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Laboratory Sciences

Laboratory Science classifications prepare laboratory specimens, materials and supplies; operate specialized mechanical laboratory equipment; develop testing procedures; establish standards for quality of sample specimens and for accuracy of examination of results; and assess reliability of test results.

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​​Laboratory Field Services

The Laboratory Field Services branch (LFS) ensures quality standards in clinical and public health laboratories and laboratory scientists through licensing, examination, inspection, education, and proficiency testing.  LFS is the primary link between the health of California citizens and quality oriented, accurate and reliable clinical laboratory testing.  LFS also provides oversight for clinical and public health laboratory operations and for the licensed and certified scientists and other testing personnel who perform testing in clinical laboratories.

​​How to Apply

Step 1: Create or Login to Your CalCareer Account

With a CalCareer account, you can take state civil service examinations, store different versions of your application, apply for vacancies, track your application status and save your resume all in one place.

Step 2: Take Examination/Assessment

Before you can work for the State, you need to take and pass an examination for the job type (classification) that you wish to be considered for employment. The assessment process can take many forms (i.e. self-assessments or written exams) and maybe required to be completed in-person or online. Examination Bulletins list the minimum qualifications and the steps required to apply and/or complete the examination/assessment. If you have current or past state experience, you may have Transfer Eligibility or Reinstatement Rights.

Examiner III Clinical Laboratory Inspector$8,363.00-$10,413.00Los Angeles; Contra Costa6H1CH09/16/2022
Public Health Microbiologist I$5,598.00-$7,456.00Contra Costa; Alameda8H1AF09/09/2022
Public Health Microbiologist (Specialist) $6,916.00-$9,318.00Contra Costa; Alameda6H1AF09/09/2022
Public Health Microbiologist Specialist (Virology)$6,916.00-$9,318.00Contra Costa; Alameda6H1AH09/09/2022
Public Health Microbiologist II$6,333.00-$8,521.00Contra Costa; Alameda8H1AG09/09/2022
Public Health Microbiologist II (Virology)$6,333.00-$8,521.00Contra Costa; Alameda8H1AH09/09/2022
Public Health Microbiologist Supervisor$7,027.00-$9,465.00Contra Costa; Alameda6H1AG09/09/2022
Public Health Microbiologist Supervisor (Virology)$7,027.00-$9,465.00Contra Costa; Alameda6H1AJ09/09/2022
Examiner I Clinical Laboratory Inspector$5,803.00-$7,920.00Contra Costa; Los Angeles8H1AU01 09/16/2022
Examiner II Clinical Laboratory Inspector$6,364.00-$8,521.00Contra Costa; Los Angeles 8H1AU0209/16/2022
Chief, Laboratory Field Services Branch$9,638.00-$12,010.00Contra Costa2H1GL09/30/2022

​Step 3: Search and Apply for Jobs

Once you have taken the examination or established eligibility for the job type that you wish to be considered for employment, you may be considered for open positions in that job type by applying for job vacancies. Login to your CalCareer account, locate the job posting you wish to apply for and click on “Apply for This Job” and follow the prompts.

Pharmaceutical Consultant II, DHS (Specialist) - Public Health Pharmaceutical Consultant Specialist$7,049.00-$10,196.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Care QualityNorthern California RegionJC#3286619/30/20222HAEE08/31/2022
Research Scientist II (Chemical Sciences) - Research Laboratory Scientist$7,152.00-$8,889.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Family HealthGenetic Disease Division - RichmondContra CostaJC#33052210/5/20228PB0301Continuous
Staff Toxicologist (Specialist) - Toxicologist$8,630.00-$10,751.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Healthy CommunitiesEnvironmental Health Investigations Branch - RichmondJC#3220509/28/20227BYCCContinuous
Research Scientist I (Microbiological Sciences) - Research Scientist I$6,512.00-$8,093.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Infectious DiseasesViral & Rickettsial Disease Laboratory - RichmondContra CostaJC#33124210/10/20228PB0203Continuous
Research Scientist II (Microbiological Sciences) - Research Scientist II$7,152.00-$8,889.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Infectious DiseasesMicrobial Disease Lab Program - RichmondContra CostaJC#33132410/10/20228PB0304Continuous
Public Health Laboratory Technician I (Microbiology) - Public Health Laboratory Technician I$3,826.00-$4,787.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Infectious DiseasesSTD Control Branch OfficeContra CostaJC#33134010/10/2022
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