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Entry-Level Positions

Job classifications in this field are designed to provide entry-level opportunities. Typical roles may include duties designed to support and supplement the work being performed in a specific area, in which staff gain exposure and experience which would lead to the potential for future career trajectory.

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Administrative Assistant

Employees in this class are responsible for relieving an administrator of assigned administrative detail, for carrying out assignments on their own initiative without detailed instructions, and for obtaining facts on which decisions or recommendations may be based. The Administrative Assistant may serve to increase the capacity of an administrator to carry out duties and responsibilities of his/her position as determined by the Department Program. 


Step 1: Create or Login to Your CalCareer Account

With a CalCareer account, you can take state civil service examinations, store different versions of your application, apply for vacancies, track your application status and save your resume all in one place.

Step 2: Take Examination/Assessment

Before you can work for the State, you need to take and pass an examination for the job type (classification) that you wish to be considered for employment. The assessment process can take many forms (i.e. self-assessments or written exams) and maybe required to be completed in-person or online. Examination Bulletins list the minimum qualifications and the steps required to apply and/or complete the examination/assessment. If you have current or past state experience, you may have Transfer Eligibility or Reinstatement Rights.

Program Technician II$3,148.00-$3,945.00Multiple2PB30Continuous
Office Technician (Typing)$3,144.00-$3,935.00Multiple4PB2402Continuous
Office Technician (General)$3,087.00-$3,868.00Multiple4PB2401Continuous
Office Assistant  (General)$2,427.00-$3,439.00Multiple4PB2501Continuous
Personnel Technician I$2,618.00-$3,838.00Sacramento5PB33Continuous
Accounting Technician$3,087.00-$3,868.00Sacramento3PB04Continuous
Business Service Assistant (Specialist)$2,921.00-$4,603.00Multiple0PBEZContinuous

​Step 3: Search and Apply for Jobs

Once you have taken the examination or established eligibility for the job type that you wish to be considered for employment, you may be considered for open positions in that job type by applying for job vacancies. Login to your CalCareer account, locate the job posting you wish to apply for and click on “Apply for This Job” and follow the prompts.

Program Technician II - Birth/Marriage Registration Technician II$3,291.00-$4,124.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Statistics and InformaticsVital Records Registration BranchSacramentoJC# 2666239/14/20212PB30Continuous
Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Personnel Liaison$5,383.00-$6,739.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Care QualityResource & Operations Management BranchSacramentoJC# 2623079/16/20219PB04Continuous
Office Technician (Typing) - Fiscal Technician$3,287.00-$4,114.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Family HealthMaternal Child & Adolecent Health BranchSacramentoJC# 2583029/16/20214PB2402Continuous
Office Technician (Typing) - Section Administrative Clerk$3,287.00-$4,114.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Family HealthGenetic Disease Division - RichmondContra CostaJC# 2674939/27/20214PB2402Continuous
Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Asset Management Analyst$5,383.00-$6,739.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Care QualityResource & Operations Management BranchSacramentoJC# 2677419/22/20219PB04Continuous
Associate Governmental Program Analyst - ELC Grants Management Analyst$5,383.00-$6,739.00Limited Term Full TimePublic Health Emergency PreparednessPublic Health Emergency PreparednessSacramentoJC# 2678499/22/20219PB04Continuous
Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Licensing Analyst$5,383.00-$6,739.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Care QualityField Operations Region I - OrangeOrangeJC# 2679009/22/20219PB04Continuous
$0.00-$0.00Permanent Full TimeContra CostaJC# 2683779/24/2021Continuous
Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Program and Budget Analyst$5,383.00-$6,739.00Permanent Full TimeAdministration DivisionFinancial Management BranchSacramentoJC# 2682999/26/20219PB04Continuous
Program Technician II - Surveyor Technician$3,291.00-$4,124.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Care QualityField Operations Region V - San BernardinoSan BernardinoJC# 26846310/4/20212PB30Continuous
Office Technician (Typing) $3,287.00-$4,114.00Permanent Full TimeAdministration DivisionHuman Resources BranchSacramentoJC# 2688949/29/20214PB2402Continuous
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