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Educational Materials​​


Tobacco and Marijuana Secondhand Smoke: What's the Concern?  2021 (PDF)

The fact sheet provides general education to the public on understanding the difference between tobacco and marijuana secondhand smoke, and outlines how California law restricts marijuana use and possession in public locations such as indoor workspaces, outdoor spaces, and youth sensitive areas. It also includes data on tobacco and marijuana secondhand smoke exposure among adults aged 18-64 in California.


Smokefree Parks and Beaches Fact Sheet 2020 (PDF)

This fact sheet provides information about the benefits of a smokefree parks and beaches, current state law, and local best practices.


Tobacco Discounts: An Unwelcome Price Slash 2020 (PDF)

Tobacco Discounts: An Unwelcome Price Slash 2020 (PDF).  New findings on the negative impacts of tobacco price discounts, their influence on youth, low-income, and persons trying to quit are summarized and presented. Considerations and benefits to community based solutions are provided.   

The Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California produces and distributes educational material covering tobacco use prevention, secondhand smoke exposure, and smoking cessation.

Multi-Unit Housing

Fact Sheet on the effects of e-cigarette use in the multi-unit housing environment.

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Fact Sheet on the effects of secondhand smoking in the multi-unit housing environment.


Fact Sheet on the effects of thirdhand smoking in the multi-unit housing environment.


Fact Sheet on the effects of hookah use in the multi-unit housing environment.





Protect Your Family from E-Cigarettes (PDF)

This brochure provides basic information about the dangers of e-cigarettes and resources on prevention and cessation. The brochure has been updated to include newer generations of devices.


This infographic explains the role of flavors in the rise of youth e-cigarette use among youth and provides resources for parents, physicians, educators and community members.

This fact sheet highlights the popularity of pod-based vaping devices (e-cigarettes) among youth and provides information and resources on youth prevention, nicotine addiction, and vaping cessation. 

This infographic provides information on how to handle and dispose of e-cigarettes, vaping products, and e-liquids.


Hookah Fact Sheet 2018 (PDF)

This fact sheet highlights the dangers of hookah use and discusses local opportunities to strengthen indoor air laws and discourage hookah use among community members, especially young people.

Emerging Products

Heated Tobacco Products 2020 (PDF)

Heated tobacco products are new to the United States (US) market, having been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in April 2019. To date, only one brand of heated tobacco is currently available in the US: Philip Morris International’s IQOS. This factsheet provides basic information on heated tobacco products, describing how they differ from cigarettes and vaping devices, the limited research on the health effects of heated tobacco, and the relevant federal and state laws regulating the marketing and sale of the devices in California.


Thirdhand Smoke 

Thirdhand Smoke Fact Sheet 2017 (PDF)

The California Tobacco Control Program has released a fact sheet on Thirdhand Smoke (THS) which provides an overview of THS, health risks associated with THS, products that contribute to THS, routes of exposure, unintentional exposure and the health equity considerations of THS.


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