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One Health

One Health is a globally established concept that recognizes how the health of animals, humans, and the environment are connected. The California Department of Public Health’s Center for Environmental Health (CEH) supports the One Health approach by recognizing the importance of collaborating with local, state, and national partners to solve complex health challenges that impact animals, humans, and the environment in California. Examples of One Health challenges that CEH programs work on include food-borne illnesses, enforcement of retail pet food regulations, water quality, emergency preparedness, and marine biotoxin monitoring. In addition to supporting activities within CEH, efforts are directed towards collaborating and building connections with partners throughout the State who work on additional One Health-related challenges.

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One Health Day is November 3rd! Keeping animals and the environment healthy keeps us healthy too! Staying connected to our pets, recycling plastic waste, and being respectful to plants and wildlife are all examples of how to improve our physical and mental wellbeing through One Health.
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