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Health Program Administration

Health Program classification perform a variety of task related to health program administration including the provision of consultation to State, Federal and Local agencies in the planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of health programs, special studies or projects.  In the course of these activities, staff develop, evaluate, and research health policy issues; coordinate health program activities; disseminate information to agencies; prepare monitor evaluate contacts for compliance with health regulations; develop and submit grant proposals for funding; define new programs and identify resources required; and apply and recommend changes in health regulations.

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Health Program Specialist

The Health Program Specialist (HPS) performs a variety of tasks related to planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring of health programs, special studies or projects.  The HPS evaluates and researches health policy issues, coordinates health program activities, monitors contracts for compliance with health regulations, grant proposals for funding and represent the department in dealings with local State, Federal and local agencies. 


Step 1: Create or Login to Your CalCareer Account

With a CalCareer account, you can take state civil service examinations, store different versions of your application, apply for vacancies, track your application status and save your resume all in one place.

Step 2: Take Examination/Assessment

Before you can work for the State, you need to take and pass an examination for the job type (classification) that you wish to be considered for employment. The assessment process can take many forms (i.e. self-assessments or written exams) and maybe required to be completed in-person or online. Examination Bulletins list the minimum qualifications and the steps required to apply and/or complete the examination/assessment. If you have current or past state experience, you may have Transfer Eligibility or Reinstatement Rights.

Associate Governmental Program Analyst$5,149.00-$6,446.00Multiple9PB04Continuous
Associate Health Program Advisor$5,149.00-$6,446.00Multiple2H1CN01/17/2020
Health Program Specialist I$5,656.00-$7,080.00Multiple8H1CK01/17/2020
Health Program Specialist II$6,213.00-$7,777.00Multiple3H1AB01/17/2020
Pharmaceutical Consultant II (Specialist)$6,546.00-$9,468.00Multiple2HAEE11/26/2019
Labor Relations Specialist$5,689.00-$7,068.00Sacramento1PB11Continuous

​Step 3: Search and Apply for Jobs

Once you have taken the examination or established eligibility for the job type that you wish to be considered for employment, you may be considered for open positions in that job type by applying for job vacancies. Login to your CalCareer account, locate the job posting you wish to apply for and click on “Apply for This Job” and follow the prompts.

Associate Governmental Program Analyst - Health Education Analyst $5,149.00-$6,446.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Healthy CommunitiesOffice of Problem GamblingSacramentoJC# 17898311/12/20199PB04Continuous
Health Program Specialist I - Internal Communications Specialist$5,656.00-$7,080.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Care QualityCenter for Health Care QualitySacramentoJC# 17910911/12/20198H1CK01/17/2020
Health Program Specialist I - Legislative Liaison $5,656.00-$7,080.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Environmental HealthDivision of Food, Drug & Cannabis SafetySacramentoJC# 17915711/14/20198H1CK01/17/2020
- Program Consultant $0.00-$0.00Permanent Full TimeSacramentoJC# 17954512/3/201901/17/2020
Health Program Specialist II - Emergency Operations Logistics Specialist$6,213.00-$7,777.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Health Care QualityField Operations Region VI - Emergency Preparedness & Disaster ResponseSacramentoJC# 17923611/13/20193H1AB11/07/2019
Health Program Specialist II - Lead Fiscal Specialist$6,213.00-$7,777.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Infectious DiseasesADAP SectionSacramentoJC# 17924611/13/20193H1AB11/07/2019
Health Program Manager I - Gender Health Equity Manager$6,124.00-$7,608.00Permanent Full TimeOffice of Health EquityOffice of Health EquitySacramentoJC# 18024211/20/20199PB19Continuous
Health Program Specialist I - Policy Consultant $5,656.00-$7,080.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Healthy CommunitiesTobacco Control BranchJC# 18122212/16/20198H1CK01/17/2020
Health Program Specialist I - Program Consultant $5,656.00-$7,080.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Healthy CommunitiesTobacco Control BranchSacramentoJC# 18050012/10/20198H1CK01/17/2020
Health Program Specialist I - Appeals Specialist $5,656.00-$7,080.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Environmental HealthManufactured Cannabis Safety BranchSacramentoJC# 18174512/5/20198H1CK01/17/2020
Health Program Specialist II - Health Communications Specialist$6,213.00-$7,777.00Permanent Full TimeCenter for Healthy CommunitiesOccupational Health Branch - RichmondContra CostaJC# 18183512/5/20193H1AB01/17/2020
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