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Stay Up To Date on Fall Vaccines, Schedule Your Vaccine Appointment Stay Up To Date on Fall VaccinesStay protected this virus season from serious illness. Everyone 6 months and older should get updated COVID-19 and flu vaccines. There are also new RSV immunizations available for older adults, pregnant people, infants and some younger children.#0072C6
Diabetes Prevention, Learn More About Diabetes PreventionDiabetes PreventionMore than 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes and may not even know it. Lifestyle changes like increasing physical activity and eating healthy can help prevent diabetes from developing.#0072C6


​​Prevent Foodborne Illness

Practice food safety this holiday season​ to keep you and your family healthy! Following 4 simple steps at home—C​lean, Separate, Cook and Chill—can help protect you and your loved ones from food poisoning.

Get more tips to prevent​ foodborne illnesses and outbreaks.​

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Over-the-Counter NaloxoneOver-the-Counter Naloxonehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/NaloxonePT.png, Graphic image with pink background & orange bottle of Naloxone, Get the Facts
Free At-Home COVID-19 TestsFree At-Home COVID-19 Testshttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/FreeCovidTests.jpg, Person taking an at-home Covid test, Order Tests
When & Why to Wear a MaskWhen & Why to Wear a Maskhttp://cdph-default/Programs/CID/DCDC/PublishingImages/COVID-19/N95Mask.jpg, White N95 mask, Tips & Resources



Vital RecordsVital Records ​ ​​​, Start Lookinghttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-vital-records.png, Birth certificate type image with 2 footprints#2E8540
Information & Resources in SpanishInformation & Resources in Spanish, Browse Informationhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-salud.png, 2 talking bubbles with ES in one#0071BB
COVID-19 Data & UpdatesCOVID-19 Data & Updates ​​, Get the Latesthttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-c19-data.png, Data chart & graph#EB6E1F
Certificates, Licenses, Permits & RegistrationsCertificates, Licenses, Permits & Registrations ​​, Find What You Needhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-clpr.png, Stack of papers#2E8540
The Future of Public HealthThe Future of Public Health ​​​, Learn Morehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-f-o-p.png, Outline of 5 bodies standing in a row#721571