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division of food and drug safety

The Division of Food and Drug Safety (DFDS) protects and improves the health of all Californians by assuring the safety of foods, drugs, and medical devices through investigation, inspection, and control of the sources of these products. DFDS is comprised of the Food and Drug Branch, the Food and Drug Laboratory Branch and the Office of Youth Tobacco Enforcement.

Division of Food and Drug Safety Organizational Chart (PDF)

Food and Drug Branch

The Food and Drug Branch (FDB) assures that food, drugs, and medical devices are safe and not adulterated, misbranded nor falsely advertised, and that drugs and medical devices are effective. FDB works in conjunction with the Food and Drug Laboratory Branch (FDLB) to ensure proper analysis throughout the state and uses FDLB's test results to assess public health concerns.

Food and Drug Laboratory Branch

The Food and Drug Laboratory Branch provides services and leadership as a public health reference and research laboratory. To ensure the safety of all Californians, FDLB provides the necessary analytical support to screen for, identify, and quantify chemical and microbiological contaminants in food, drugs, and manufactured cannabis. FDLB also provides regulatory services for substances of abuse laboratories. All laboratory activities implement and support legislatively-mandated programs. 

Office of Youth Tobacco Enforcement

The mission of the Office of Youth Tobacco Enforcement is to reduce the illegal sales of tobacco products to persons under 21 years of age through effective enforcement of the STAKE Act.​

Mailing Address
California Department of Public Health
Division of Food and Drug Safety
MS 7600​
PO Box 997377
Sacramento CA 95899-7377


Physical Address

1500 Capitol Ave, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Contact Phone Number 

(916) 440-7880​


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