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Medical-Professionals-Group-Shot_landscape.jpg.jpegHEALTH CARE PROVIDER EDUCATION

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch provides educational materials for the purpose of increasing awareness regarding the hazards of lead exposure, reducing lead exposure, and increasing the number of children assessed and appropriately blood tested (screened).

Continuing Medical Education

Lead Poisoning Self-Study Module (1 unit free CME)

Lead Poisoning Presentation available for grand rounds/noon conferences/other physician conferences available free of charge.

Lead Poisoning Reference Papers

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Policy Statement: Lead Exposure in Children: Prevention, Detection, and Management

Lanphear et al. Low-Level Environmental Lead Exposure and Children's Intellectual Function: An International Pooled Analysis

Canfield, RL.Intellectual impairment in children with blood lead concentrations below 10 µg per deciliter

Jusko et al.  Blood Lead Concentrations < 10mcg/dL and Child Intelligence at 6 Years of Age

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