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Perinatal Equity Initiative (PEI)

PEI Outreach and Education Resources

Through targeted information and education campaigns, the Communications and Outreach Unit develops outreach and educational materials to heighten public awareness about the Perinatal Equity Initiative (PEI) and provide communications technical assistance to local health departments and funded agencies.

Education Resources

Below are the latest templates, tools, materials, stories and other PEI-related documents.

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Profile_PEI Perinatal Equity Initiative (PEI) (PDF)
Publisher: MCAH Division
Version: 2020 | Type: Profile | Pages: 2
Program: PEI | Language: English

Social Media Resources

Use these prewritten messages to help spread the word on social media about our programs and resources.

How to use these social media posts:

Copy and paste the text to share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. To use associated images, click on the "photo" button to enlarge the image, then right click and "save as". You will now be able to upload this higher resolution image to your social media site.

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