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Maternal and Infant Health Assessment (MIHA)

Data and Reports

MIHA Data Snapshots are data tables for multiple indicators at the statewide, county and MIHA regional levels. Statewide Data Snapshots are available by maternal characteristics such as race/ethnicity, income, prenatal health insurance, maternal age, and education. Beginning with 2013 data, County Data Snapshots include the top 35 birthing counties in the state; regional MIHA data include births from all counties within a given geographical area. (For more details on sampling methods, please refer to our Methods page). MIHA Annual Reports compile Data Snapshots with additional technical information in one document. MIHA data snapshot products prior to 2013-2014 are only available as compiled Reports. Please contact MIHA if you are looking for an old publication you cannot find here, or to submit a data requests or other question.

New! MIHA Data Brief on Symptoms of Depression During and After Pregnancy (PDF) is now available. This Data Brief shows that among California women who have recently given birth, symptoms of depression are common and are experienced unequally based on women’s race/ethnicity, income, and experience of hardships. Information on geographical differences across the state and MCAH Division efforts to address perinatal depression are also included.

MIHA Statewide, County and Regional Data Snapshots by eight subgroups of maternal characteristics using 2013-2015 data are now available. The eight subgroups include Education, Geographical Area (Urban and Rural/Frontier), Income, Maternal Age, Neighborhood Poverty Level, Prenatal Health Insurance, Race/Ethnicity, and Total Live Births.
All links displayed below are PDFs. If you are having difficulty accessing documents, please contact MIHA to request this information in an accessible format.
County Data Snapshots
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