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nutrition education and obesity prevention branch (NEOPB)

Local Health Department Evaluation

Impact Outcome Evaluation

Impact Outcome Evaluation (IOE) is a collaboration between CDPH and Local Health Departments, aiming to measure behavior change in sites where SNAP-Ed interventions occur.  Local Health Departments all over California participate in the IOE project, using locally designed pre/post-test evaluations to collect behavioral data from intervention participants, then analyze and report the results on an annual basis.  In addition to documenting local program effectiveness, this project helps identify successful nutrition education interventions and potential best practices, while providing direction for program improvement.

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Program Evaluation and Reporting System (PEARS)

PEARS is an online reporting system developed by the Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation at Kansas State University.  Since FFY2018 Local Health Departments have used PEARS  to report the SNAP-Ed activities their organization conducts as part of the Integrated Work Plan.  This includes all direct and indirect education, policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change activities, partnerships, multi-sector coalitions, and success stories.  PEARS replaced the Activity Tracking Form (ATF) in FFY 2018.  As with the ATF used in past years, reporting serves two functions: 1) allows organizations and project officers to track and compile program activities and 2) allows the SNAP-Ed program to compile the information needed to complete the required annual reports to the USDA and the State.  For more information about using PEARS, please visit the PEARS website.  Information from PEARS will also be used in a variety of ways to describe and analyze the impact of SNAP-Ed interventions.

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Site Level Assessment Questionnaires (SLAQs)

Beginning in FFY 2020, local health departments will be expected to complete an annual ​assessment of all school, early care and education, out-of-school, and retail sites where they are engaged in site-level PSE work, using new SLAQs. LHDs may choose to begin this assessment process in FFY 2019, to gain valuable information for planning for FFY 2020 and to assess progress more accurately. For more information, or to obtain SLAQs and SLAQ resources please visit the SLAQ website.

If you have questions about completing the SLAQs, please complete our Help form.

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