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nutrition education and obesity prevention branch (NEopb)

Impact /Outcome Evaluation

Local Health Departments all over California participate in the Impact Outcome Evaluation project.  This project helps identify successful nutrition education interventions and potential best practices, while providing direction for program improvement. Projects receiving over $350,000 annually must participate in IOE.

Contact Information

Carolyn Rider
Obesity Prevention Program Evaluation Coordinator
Nutrition Policy Institute, University of California

Research & Evaluation Section
California Department of Public Health
Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Branch
1616 Capitol Avenue
PO Box 997377, MS 7204
Sacramento, CA 95899-7377

Compendium of Surveys (Updated 2015)

Compendium of Surveys (Updated 2015)

Final Report

Impact Outcome Evaluation Final Report FFY 2015

Other Tools

IOE County Fact Sheet Template

IOE Training Modules

Choosing Survey Instruments for Your Impact Outcome Evaluation Population

Analyzing and Interpreting Impact Outcome Evaluation Data

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