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E-cigarette, or Vaping, Product Use Associated Lung Injury (EVALI)

Weekly Update Report 3/23/2020 

 Table 1: Case Characteristics

​Total Cases                                                      210 (+1 in past 1 month)

​Number of California counties reporting cases​31/58 (53%)
Deaths4 (2%)​
​Data below are updated as of 1/7/20 based on 192 cases
Sex​ ​
​Male​119 (62%)
​Female​73 (38%)


​Age ​
​Range​14-70 years
​Median​25 years


Severity of illness​
​Required admission to Intensive Care Unit (total)87 (45%)
​Ages 0-18​16
​​Ages 19-26​27
​​Ages 27+​44
Required mechanical ventilation (total)​54 (28%)
​​Ages 0-18​9
​​Ages 19-26​19
​​Ages 27+26


Table 2: Case Interview Data*

​Total Surveys Completed                                                                                      113/210 (54%)


White48 (42%) 
Black3 (3%)
Asian/Pacific Islander4 (4%)
Hispanic/Latino48 (42%)
​Other5 (4%)


Vaped product containing THC                                                                          ​94 (83%)
​Vaped product containing CBD​39 (35%)
Vaped product containing nicotine51 (46%)
​Vaped nicotine products only​10 (9%)


*Denominator is number of cases interviewed. Percentages may not add to 100 due to rounding.

**Hispanic/Latino persons could be of any race; persons reporting as non-Hispanic/Latino or not reporting ethnicity were categorized as white, black, Asian/Pacific Island, or other.

***Patients were allowed to select more than one option, this includes multiple responses. Percentages will not add to 100. 

Vaping Product Purchase

Some of the case patients who were interviewed report buying vaping products from vape shops or dispensaries. Out of the stores named by patients, only six are licensed to sell THC according to the Bureau of Cannabis Control's online database of licensed retailers. 

The remaining patients who self-reported the source(s) of THC vaping products used, reported obtaining those products from illicit street vendors, pop-up shops, social contacts, or unverified sellers (retailers which could not be located and/ or verified as licensed).

Figure 1: Number of Hospitals Admissions by Week of Admission****

Bar Chart 3-23-20
 ****Admission counts for any week may change at any time, as CDPH continuously receives reports of currently and previously hospitalized patients.

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