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Center for Infectious Diseases


The mission of the Center for Infectious Diseases is to protect the people in California from the threat of preventable infectious diseases and to assist those living with an infectious disease in securing prompt and appropriate access to healthcare, medications and associated support services. 

Public Health Efforts

  • Supports the investigation and diagnosis of infectious diseases of public health significance.
  • Identifies, prevents, and interrupts the transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, emerging infectious diseases, vector-borne diseases, zoonotic diseases, and other contagious infectious diseases.
  • Leverages human and budgetary resources from government and non-government sources.
  • Conducts and coordinates public health surveillance and epidemiologic studies to assist in defining, preventing, and controlling infectious diseases.
  • Helps local health departments and community-based organizations plan, develop, implement, and improve prevention, control, care, treatment, and social support programs for infectious diseases.
  • Plans for and responds to natural or man-made emergencies due to infectious diseases. 
  • Promotes evidence-based public health practice and program integration at the client level for seamless service delivery.  
  • Provides reference and diagnostic laboratory services essential for the detection, epidemiologic investigation, control, and prevention of diseases caused by microbial and viral agents.
  • Provides support to local public health laboratory personnel for developing and maintaining high quality local microbial and viral laboratory services, including consultation and training in state-of-the-art standardized laboratory procedures. 
  • Works closely with health officials in Mexico to protect and promote the health of people living in California border communities.
  • Coordinates education, communication, health improvements along the US-Mexico border.
  • Monitors diseases in California and Baja California Mexico to ensure that our border residents thrive. 
  • Supports the public health and medical needs of refugees undergoing resettlement in California. 
  • Administers the Refugee Health Assessment Program for the early identification and treatment of both infectious and chronic health conditions.

Main Programs

  • Office of AIDS
  • Division of Communicable Disease Control
    • Infectious Diseases Branch
    • Immunization Branch
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Branch
    • Tuberculosis Control Branch
    • Communicable Disease Emergency Response Branch
    • Infectious Disease Laboratory Branch
      • Microbial Diseases Laboratory
      • Viral and Rickettsial Disease Laboratory
      • Infant Botulism Treatment and Prevention Program
  • Office of Binational Border Health
  • Office of Refugee Health

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