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The Office of School Health (OSH) advances health, wellness, and safe in-person
instruction for California's 7.5 million students and staff within the state's 10,000 TK-12 schools. We support local education and health stakeholders with their efforts to make California schools healthier and safer. ​​

What We Do

Develop, and disseminate scientific guidance and policies, in collaboration with subject matter experts that advances the wellness and public health interests of California schools' students and staff. During the 2023-24 School Year, these guidance documents included: substance use, school ventilation-indoor air quality, mental health, and communicable disease mitigation.
Supports school-based health centers, in partnership with California School-based Health Alliance (CSHA), other state agencies and local stakeholders OSH encourages the establishment and expansion of school linked health care services directly provided to students.
Facilitates collaboration between state and local education and health officials. OSH provides technical assistance on guidance, resources, and health communication tools in support of their school communities.

Develop and maintain platforms that coordinate a school health focused community built from local stakeholders who implement guidance and stay up-to-date on latest trends. Maintain a school hub that curates and convenes school health resources for ease of access, and host weekly School Health Webinars to showcase local efforts and keep the community informed of new information, tools, or programs that support student well-being.

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