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​​Alzheimer's Disease Resources for Families and Health Professionals

2017 Guidelines for Alzheimer's Disease Management

This 2017 Update Reflects New Evidence, Improved Practice and Changes in Law — This is the 4th edition of the California Alzheimer's Clinical Care Guideline, first published in 1998 and revised in 2002 and 2008. The 2017 update specified in statute (SB 613, Chapter 577, 2015) addresses changes in scientific evidence, clinical practice, and state and federal law.

 Alzheimer's Disease Program Report to the Legislature, March 2018

The required legislative report (SB 613, Chapter 577, 2015) includes an overview of the working group meetings that were held, an overview of the previous 2008 Guideline, along with recommendations from the working group that developed the Guideline. The current 2017 Guideline aligns with current legislation prescribed by SB 613 and is designed to improve Alzheimer's disease management.

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