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California State of Public Health Report​​

Group of people talking and laughing ​The California State of Public Health Report is a biennial report established in the California Health and Safety Code (HSC 101320.3) and supported by the Future of Public Health investment​The report uses multiple health measures and data sources to highlight the major trends and disparities in health outcomes across California while presenting opportunities, partnership, and collaboration to improve population health.

2024 marks the inaugural State of Public Health Report.

The report finds that there have been major improvements in health and well-being over the past 20 years; however, there are significant opportunities to reduce health inequities and address emerging public health concerns, including behavioral health, and the structural and social determinants of health.

This report is part of the broader State Health Assessment and Improvement Plan (SHA/SHIP) processes, and joins a host of CDPH reports and resources, including the Office of Health Equity’s Demographic Report on Health and Mental Health Equity (PDF, 3.7 MB), that contribute to governmental public health’s foundational function of surveillance, monitoring, and response, while also providing perspectives on health outcomes and core determinants of health to inform public health action, accountability, and impact.

​State of Public Health Report 2024

  • Summary Report​ (PDF, 41.9 MB): Read a summarized version of the report’s findings. 
  • Full Report​ ​(PDF​​, 38.4 MB​): Explore in-depth findings and expanded content in the Full Report. 
  • Resource Hub​: Discover more public health reports and data dashboards to further explore the issues and opportunities highlighted in the report.

​​​State of Public Health Testimony​​

In addition to the written report, the CDPH Director and California State Public Health Officer presents an annual update on the State of Public Health to the California Legislature during legislative budget hearings.

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