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chronic disease control branch

About Us

The Chronic Disease Control Branch (CDCB) works to transform systems, structures, and policies that create health-related inequities and promote structural racism. The branch strives to advance racial, social, economic, and environmental justice in collaboration with federal agencies, other state government agencies, non-government organizations,  local county health departments, educational institutions, healthcare organizations and community partners. Through these strategic partnerships, the branch aims to ensure that Californians have the tools and opportunities needed for optimal health, well-being and quality of life. ​

Many Californians have multiple chronic conditions which put them at greater risk for other chronic conditions, limits their ability to exercise or be a member of the workforce, and can lead to an early death. Thirty-eight percent of Californians live with at least one chronic condition. 

CDCB has identified high blood pressure control as a priority focus. CDCB supports ongoing initiatives and activities to improve cardiovascular health by supporting evidence-based programs that promote healthy behaviors and healthy communities, and improves the prevention, diagnosis, and management of chronic disease.

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