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Office of refugee health

Picture of Refugee Patients Receiving a Health Assessment

The Office of Refugee Health works with impacted local health jurisdictions, health providers, and voluntary resettlement agencies to provide culturally and linguistically-appropriate comprehensive health assessments, and other health services, to newly arrived refugees, asylees, victims of severe forms of human trafficking (federally-certified), and other eligible entrants to assist them in achieving self-sufficiency by becoming and staying healthy.


COVID-19 Resources

Covid-19 Prevention: Protect yourself and loved ones (multiple languages):

(English, SpanishAmharicArabicBurmeseChaldeanSimplified ChineseDariFarsiFrenchHaitian CreoleKoreanPashtoPortuguese (Brazilian)RussianSomaliSwahili (Congolese)Tagalog, UkranianVietnamese)

COVID-19 Vaccine Information 

CDC Guidance on Face Coverings

CDC: What to do if you are sick

CDC: What to Expect After a COVID-19 Vaccine


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