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licensing and certification

All Facilities Letters - Released 2018


​Bulletin Number Facility Type Affected​ Subject​ Release Date​
​AFL-18-01 ​Certified Nurse Assistant training programs Senate Bill 449 - CNA Training Program Requirement Changes​ ​01/05/2018
AFL-18-02 ​All Health Care Facilities ​Assembly Bill 1014 - Diesel Backup Generator Testing ​01/05/2018
AFL-18-03 ​Hospice Providers ​Senate Bill 294 - Palliative Care Expansion Pilot Program ​01/05/2018
AFL-18-04 ​Intermediate Care Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities ​Family Council Requirements ​01/05/2018
AFL-18-05 All Deemed General Acute Care Hospitals, Home Health Agencies, Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and Hospices ​Referrals to Accreditation Organizations ​01/05/2018
AFL-18-05.1 All Deemed Ambulatory Surgical Centers, General Acute Care Hospitals, Home Health Agencies, and Hospices ​Referrals to Accreditation Organizations (AO) Supersedes AFL 17-11 and revises AFL 18-05 ​02/21/2018
AFL-18-06 ​Health Facilities Senate Bill 432: Changes to notification requirements to emergency prehospital medical care personnel of exposure to reportable communicable disease​ ​01/08/2018
AFL-18-07 ​Government Operated Health Facilities Assembly Bill 1456: Professional Licensure​ 01/08/2018​
AFL-18-08 Congregate Living Health Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), ICF/Developmentally Disabled (DD), ICF/DD - Continuous Nursing, ICF/DD - Habilitative, ICF/DD - Nursing, Skilled Nursing Facilities Influenza Outbreaks in Long-Term Care Facilities​​ 01/10/
AFL-18-09 ​General Acute Care Hospitals (GACH) Requesting Increased Patient Accommodations Including Medical Surge Tent Use 01/12/2018​
AFL-18-10 All Long Term Care (LTC) Facilities​ Assembly Bill 275 - LTC Facilities Closures​ ​01/16/2018
AFL-18-11 ​General Acute Care Hospitals, Acute Psychiatric Hospitals, Special Hospitals, Hospice Facilities Assembly Bill 1102: Increase in Fines for Retaliation Against Whistleblowers​ 01/23/2018​
AFL-18-12 ​Skilled Nursing Facilities Senate Bill 97: Implementation of 3.5 Direct Care Hours and Assembly Bill 130: Quality and Accountability Supplemental Payments  Eligibility Clarification​ ​01/23/2018
​AFL-18-13 ​General Acute Care Hospitals, Acute Psychiatric Hospitals ​Program Flexibility – Pharmacy Technicians and Intern Pharmacists – Senate Bill 1039 ​02/28/2018
AFL-18-14 ​All Facilities ​Senate Bill 798 - 805.01 Reports to the Medical Board of California ​02/28/2018
AFL-18-15 ​Hospice Providers ​Hospice Data Reporting to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) ​03/07/2018
AFL-18-16​Skilled Nursing FacilitiesGuidelines for the Workforce Shortage Waiver of the 3.5 Direct Care Service Hour Requirement and/or the 2.4 Hours Per Patient Day Performed by Certified Nurse Assistants​03/30/2018​
AFL-18-17​Skilled Nursing FacilitiesPosting Schedule for the 3.5 Direct Care Hours - Patient Acuity Waiver​03/30/2018​

​Intermediate Care Facilities
Management Companies
Primary Care Clinics
Skilled Nursing Facilities

Online Licensing/Certification Application Process​04/​17/2018
​AFL-18-19All Facilities​Program Flexibility Request​05/03/2018​
AFL-18-20​General Acute Care Hospitals​New or Remodeled Pharmacy Clean Rooms and Use of Mobile Sterile Compounding Units (MSCU)​05/25/2018
​AFL-18-21​Congregate Living Health Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities
​Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Training Requirements​05/25/2018
​AFL-18-22​General Acute Care Hospitals​Request for Stakeholder Input in Amending GACH Cardiovascular Surgery Service and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Service Regulations​06/12/2018
​AFL-18-23​​General Acute Care Hospitals​Request for Stakeholder Input in Amending GACH Surgical Service Regulations​6/12/2018
​AFL-18-24​General Acute Care Hospitals​Request for Stakeholder Input in Amending GACH Anesthesia Service Regulations​6/12/2018
AFL-18-25​All Health Care FacilitiesHot Summer Weather Adviosry ​6/21/2018
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