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AFL 18-51
November 21, 2018

All Health Facilities

Program waiver eligibility pursuant to Executive Order B-57-18, to expedite recovery efforts for health facilities affected by California wildfires

​All Facilities Letter (AFL) Summary

This AFL notifies health facilities of Executive Order B-57-18, section 23. The order permits California Department of Public Health (CDPH) approved program waivers, which aim to expedite the recovery efforts in communities affected by the recent California wildfires, and ensure hospitals and other specified health facilities remain open.

Pursuant to Executive Order B-57-18 signed by Governor Jerry Brown on November 14, 2018, health facilities licensed under California Health and Safety Code (HSC) section 1200, subdivisions (d) and (h) of section 1206, and section 1250, affected by California wildfires are eligible to apply to CDPH for program waivers of licensing requirements contained in Chapters 1 and 2 of Division 2 of the HSC and the accompanying regulations. The counties included in the Executive Order are: Butte, Los Angeles and Ventura. These program waivers will allow facilities regulated by CDPH and affected by the wildfires to continue to operate while ensuring patient health and safety. 

Requests for program waivers for facilities affected by wildfires should be on facility letterhead and must include:

  • Date of the request;
  • Type of change requested, if applicable;
  • Facility name, license number, address as stated on the license and mailing address;
  • New address, if applicable; 
  • Contact name and title; and
  • Email and phone number.

Facilities must also include a Program Flexibility form CDPH 5000 that includes the following:

  • Description of requirements the facility is requesting to waive;
  • If possible, the relevant code sections or regulations for which the facility is requesting a wavier;
  • Alternative measures that will be undertaken to address the intent of the waived requirements and protect public health and safety;
  • Statement that the circumstances of the requested waiver are reflected in, and in accordance with, the facility’s disaster and mass casualty plan;
  • Anticipated duration of need for the waiver; and
  • Plan to regain compliance with relevant code sections and regulations.

Report of Change fees for health facilities affected by the California wildfires will be waived at this time.

Submit all documents via email to

Please submit questions to the email above or contact the CDPH Centralized Applications Branch directly at (916) 552-8632.

CDPH will publish approved waivers in their entirety on its public website. This AFL is a brief summary of Executive Order B-57-18.



Original signed by Scott Vivona

Scott Vivona
Assistant Deputy Director

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