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AFL 18-52
November 30, 2018

General Acute Care Hospitals (GACH)
Acute Psychiatric Hospitals (APH)

Assembly Bill (AB) 2798 Hospitals Licensing Timelines

AUTHORITY:      Health and Safety Code (HSC) section 1272

All Facilities Letter (AFL) Summary

This AFL notifies GACHs and APHs of the chaptering of AB 2798 that imposes new processing times for specified applications submitted to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Effective January 1, 2019, AB 2798 (Chapter 922, Statutes 2018) requires CDPH to review and approve or deny a written application, submitted by a GACH or an APH, within 100 days of receipt, including all related activities. CDPH’s district offices (DO) are required to complete any additional review, including onsite inspections, and submit their findings within 30 business days of an approved written application. CDPH is required to issue or deny a new or revised license on or before the 31st business day following an approved written application.

AB 2798 also requires CDPH to approve a written application submitted by a GACH or an APH to expand an existing service and issue a revised license within 30 business days of receipt of the completed application, unless the hospital is out of compliance with existing requirements. Upon approval, CDPH is required to license the expanded service for up to 18 months, unless CDPH approves that service for a longer period.

AB 2798 also specifies that CDPH is not required to perform an onsite inspection to approve an expanded service; however, AB 2798 does not preclude DO staff from performing an onsite survey, as necessary.

By December 31, 2019, CDPH must develop an automated application system for hospital applications.
CDPH is also required to establish an advice program to assist hospitals with completing their applications.


Original signed by Scott Vivona

Scott Vivona
Assistant Deputy Director

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