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signpost How to Submit a Renewal Application Online

 E. Update Testing Site

step 24Click Edit to update Testing Site Information to update Tests Performed, Testing Personnel, and Physical Address.

step 24 image

step 25Complete all the required fields. Click Edit, verify or update the address, then click Validate first before clicking Next.

step 25 image


  ​ If Requesting Exemption under BPC 1241, select Yes. If you choose Yes but you don’t qualify, your application might be delayed.  

Reference: BPC 1241 - Exempt Sites


  ​ If accredited, select the Accrediting Organization (AO) under Oversight Type. You must upload proof of enrollment or a copy of the current certificate of accreditation in the Upload Document section of this application. If not sure, select State.

Reference: BPC 1223 - Accrediting Organization



step 26Update Tests Performed:

Selecting the appropriate Highest Testing Complexity and Federal Certificate Type, will help the system to identify your License Type.


step 26 image

  ​ Refer to the table below as guide to select the matching options to avoid error and delay. 

​Highest Testing Complexity ​Federal Certificate Type
​If selecting... ​select...
     ​High ​     Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Accreditation
     ​Moderate      ​Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Accreditation
     ​PPMP      ​Certificate of Provider Performed Microscopy Procedures
     ​Waived      ​Certificate of Waiver

  ​ Uploading LAB 144A is not required if Certificate Type is Waived or PPMP. Click Next. 

step 27 Update Laboratory Testing Personnel

For the current Laboratory Director, click the Edit icon to add the required fields.
To add a Laboratory Director, click Add Laboratory Director and complete the required fields.
To remove a Laboratory Director, click the Trash bin icon on the same row of the item.

step 27 image


  ​ Uploading LAB 116 is not required if Certificate Type is “Waiver.”

step 28If you clicked Add Laboratory Director, a pop-up will appear. Search for Personnel Licensed by LFS or click Add New Individual.

step 28 image

step 29Enter all the information for this individual and click Add

step 29 image step 29.1 image

step 30UploadSkip to main contentLAB 116 form. Uploading LAB 116 is not required if Certificate Type is Waiver.

step 30 image

step 31Click Close on the confirmation screen.

 step 31 image

step 32You’ve just updated your Testing Site Information. Review and click Next to proceed.

step 32 image
step 32.1 image

step 33If renewing a single site, click No and then Next.

step 33 image
 G. Review, Upload, and Pay

step 34Click and download the Attestation for Owner (LAB 182) & Laboratory Director (LAB 183).

Complete, scan & upload the required documents. Upload additional documents. Click Next.

step 34 image

step 35Review fee and click Next.

step 35 image

step 36Review and sign Application Attestation. Sign with your mouse pointer. Click Accept before clicking Submit.

step 36 image

step 37Click on the Shopping Cart button.

step 37 image

step 38Select the testing site, then click Proceed to Checkout.

step 38 image

step 39Select your payment method.

step 39 image

step 40Fill out all required fields marked with asterisks (*). Read the authorization statement, then check the box to agree. Click Submit.

 step 40 image

step 41You have successfully submitted a renewal application. We will review your application and contact you by email if we need more information. Click Close to go back to your dashboard.

step 41 image

step 42Click Refresh. Your dashboard shows the status of your application.

step 42 image

Upon approval, a digital copy of the certificate will be sent to both email addresses you entered in your
Business Information and Testing Site Information.

certificate image

*Frame not included.


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