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signpost How to Submit a Renewal Application Online

 D. Start Renewal

Your linked Business dashboard will contain the linked Testing Site(s).
When you log back in, simply go back to your dashboard to continue to start your renewal.

step 12Click Continue to start the renewal process.

step 12 image

step 13If this screen shows, click Actions then ConfirmRenewApp after reviewing the information.

step 13 image

step 14Click Start Renewal button to proceed to the renewal steps.

step 14 image
 E. Update Business

Review and update your Business Information. Fill in missing required information.

step 15Click Edit to update Business Information such as legal name, contact, and ownership information.

step 15 image

step 16Update Business information. Click Next.

step 16 image

step 17Update Mailing Address by clicking Edit. Click Validate before clicking Next.

step 17 image

  ​ If the system is unable to validate the address, verify if the address is correct, click Edit to correct it, or click Confirm before clicking Next. 

step 17.1 image

step 18Review and update Contact Information if necessary. Click Next.

step 18 image

step 19For current owners, click the Edit icon and enter the required information.
To add an owner, click Add and complete the required fields.
To remove an owner, click the Trash icon on the same row of the item you wish to delete.

step 19 image

 step 20A window will pop-up where you can edit the selected owner.
Enter the Tax ID, Association Date, and Percentage Owned for each owner to avoid error. Click Save.

step 20 image

step 21Click Submit.

step 21 image

step 22On the confirmation screen, click Close to confirm the changes on Business Information.

step 22 image

step 23You’ve just updated your BUSINESS Information. Review, and click Next to proceed.

step 23 image
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