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Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

WIC Policy and Procedures Manual

The WIC Policy and Procedures Manual (WPPM) contains the policies and procedures, contract management information and forms, and job aids to guide WIC local agency staff in carrying out day-to-day operations and activities.


Administrative Program Policies and Practices

100: Program Administration Planning Requirements

100-01 Quality Assurance (PDF)

110: Program Compliance Monitoring

110-10 Program Evaluation Process (PDF)
110-20 Maintenance of Specific Program Records (PDF)

120: Program Compliance Monitoring

120-10 Access to and Security of Confidential Information (PDF)
120-20 Subpoenas and Search Warrants (PDF)

130: Local Agency Staff Requirements

130-00 Staffing Requirements and Responsibilities Overview (PDF)
130-10 Registered Dietitian: Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-20 Office Support Staff: Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-30 WIC Nutrition Assistant (WNA): Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-40 Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR): Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-50 Degreed Nutritionist (DN): Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-60 Masters Degreed Nutritionist (MDN):Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-70 Registered Nurse (RN): Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-80 Staff Eligibility to take Registered Dietitian Exam (RDE): Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
130-90 Competency Requirements and Certification: WIC Nutrition Assistants (WNAs) (PDF)

140: Program Integrity

140-10 WIC Services for Employees and Relatives (PDF)

140-20 Employee Security Affidavit and User Identification (PDF)
CDPH 4467 Employee Security Affidavit Form (Fillable PDF)​

150: Program Integrity

150-10 Conflict of Interest: Local Agencies and Vendors (PDF)
Conflict of Interest Statement (Fillable PDF)​

160: Local Agency Requirements

160-10 “No Smoking” Policy (PDF) 

170: Local Agency Requirements

190: Local Agency Staffing Requirements

190-00 Staff Training (PDF)
190-10 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Training (PDF)
190-20 Civil Rights Training (PDF)


200-210: Eligibility Requirements

200-00​​ Physical Presence Waiver for Certifications and Recertifications (PDF)​
200-01 Overview - Eligibility Requirements (PDF)
210-01 General Income Eligibility Guidelines and Procedures (PDF)
210-02 Adjunctive Eligibility (PDF)
210-03 Determination of Income Eligibility (PDF)
210-04 Income Exclusions (PDF)
210-06 Proof of California Residency (PDF)
210-07 Presence Requirement (PDF)
210-08 Proof of Pregnancy (PDF)
210-09 Complete Nutritional Risk Assessment for all Categories (PDF)
210-10 Determining Nutritional Risk Assessment - Anthropometric (PDF)
210-11 Determining Nutritional Risk - Biochemical (PDF)
210-12 Determining Nutritional Risk Assessment - Clinical/Medical/Health (PDF)
210-13 Determining Nutritional Risk Assessment - Dietary (PDF)
210-15 Homeless Individuals (PDF)

210-16 Separation of Duties (PDF)

220: Telehealth WIC Services

220-10 Video and Phone Appointments (PDF)
220-20 Virtual Breastfeeding Support and Telelactation (PDF)

230: Factors Affecting Eligibility

230-10 Priority Ranking System (PDF)

240: Certification Periods

240-10 Length of Certification (PDF)
240-20 Timeframes for Processing Applications/Applicants (PDF)

250: Transfers

250-10 Verification of Certification (PDF)

260: Certification Requirments: Services / Information Provided by the Local Agency at Time of Certification

260-40 WIC Participants Rights and Responsibilities (PDF)

270: Specific Requirements for First Time and Subsequent Certification

270-20 Proof of Identity (PDF)

270-40 Program Orientation (PDF)

280: Ineligibility / Disqualification

280-20.2 Report of Dual Participation / Participant Abuse (PDF)

280-30 Notices of Action (PDF)

290: Designated Recipients of Food Instruments

290-00 Family Representative (PDF)

290-10 Designation of Caretaker (PDF)

WIC Card and Food Benefits

310: WIC Card Stock Management

310-10 WIC Card Stock Security and Inventory (PDF)

320: Food Package

320-10 Food Package Tailoring (PDF)

330: WIC Card and Food Benefits Security and Accountability

330-00 WIC Card and Food Benefits Issuance (PDF)
330-10 Single / Double / Triple Food Instrument Issuance (PDF)
330-20 Lost, Stolen or Damaged WIC Card (PDF)

330-30 Remote Issuance of Food Benefits (PDF)

390: Distribution of Therapeutic Formula and Medical Foods

390-10 Provision of Therapeutic Formulas and WIC-Eligible Nutritionals (PDF)
390-20 Coordinating with Medi-Cal​ (PDF)
390-30 Surplus Therapeutic Formula and WIC-Eligible Nutrtionals (PDF)​

Nutrition Education

400: Nutrition Education Requirements

400-00 Standards of Education (PDF)
400-01 Element 1 - Nutrition Assessment (PDF)
400-02 Element 2 - Nutrition Messages (PDF)
400-03 Element 3 - Counseling Methods and Teaching Strategies (PDF)
400-04 Element 4 - Select Delivery Medium (PDF)
400-05 Element 5 - Reinforcement of Nutrition Education (PDF)
400-06 Element 6 - Follow-Up and Support (PDF)
400-07 Documentation of Nutrition Education Contacts (NEC) (PDF)
400-08 Frequency of Nutrition Education (PDF)
400-09 Nutrition Education Coordinator (PDF)
400-10 Lesson Plans and Materials (PDF)

400-11 Postpartum Exit Counseling (PDF)
400-12 Care Plan (PDF)

Participant Rights

510: Treatment of Individuals

510-10 Nondiscrimination / Examples (PDF)
510-20 Use of the Nondiscrimi​nation Statement (PDF)
510-30 Program Accessibility (PDF)
510-40 Complaints of Discrimination (PDF)
510-50 Racial / Ethnic Categories (PDF)

510-60 Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (PDF)

520: Fair Hearings

520-10 Fair Hearing Requests and procedures (PDF)

530: Program Accessibility

530-10 Site Hours of Operation (PDF)

Breastfeeding Promotion and Support

600: Breastfeeding Promotion and Support

600-00 Overview (PDF)
600-10 Supporting Fully Breastfeeding for the First 30 Days (PDF)
600-20 Local Agency Breastfeeding Promotion Policy (PDF)

600-30 Agency Environment and Employee Support (PDF)

620: Lactation Support Equipment

620-10 Breast Pumps: Overview (PDF)
620-20 Issuance Documentation Follow-Up (PDF)

620-30 Inventory, Maintenance, and Retrieval (PDF)

630: Peer Counseling

630-10 Overview (PDF)
630-11 Peer Counseling Supervisor / IBCLC: Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
630-12 Peer Counselors: Requirements and Responsibilities (PDF)
630-13 Contacts (PDF)
630-14 Training Requirements (PDF)
630-15 Continuous Quality Improvement (CGI) (PDF)

630-16 Fiscal Requirements (PDF)

Outreach and Referrals

700: Requirements

700-08 Outreach Activities Requirements (PDF)

Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

800: Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

800-00 Program Overview and Administrative Requirements (PDF)
800-10 Conflict of Interest: Local Agencies and Farmers (PDF)
800-20 Instruction on Using FMNP Benefits (PDF)
800-30 Nutrition Education and Documentation (PDF)
800-41 FMNP Accountability and Integrity (PDF)​
800-42 Verification of Check Shipment (PDF)
800-43 Issuance of FMNP Checks (PDF)

800-50 FMNP Program Complaints (PDF)

Job Aids

960: Nutrition Risks

960-01 Nutrition Risk Criteria (PDF)

970: Procedures and Protocols

970-10 Glossary (PDF)

970-80 Weight and Height Conversion Charts Job Aid (PDF)

980: Administrative Forms and Supplies

980-1060 WIC Inco​me Guidelines (PDF)
980-1060 WIC Income G​uidelines - Spanish (PDF)
980-1065 Medi-Cal Income Guidelines (PDF)
980-1065 Medi-Cal Income Guidelines - Spanish (PDF)

980-1070 Medi-Cal Eligibility Codes (PDF)

1000: Miscellaneous

1000-30 Required Trainings for Employees (PDF)
1000-40 Ethnicity and Race Documentation Job Aid (PDF)
1000-70 Separation of Duties Job Aid (PDF)
1000-80 Alternate Procedures Separation of Duties (PDF)
1000-90 Equipment Guide (PDF)
1000-120 Acronyms (PDF)
1000-130 Family Representative and Caretaker Job Aid (PDF)

1000-140 WIC WISE Forms Job Aid (PDF)

Contract Management

1000: Contract Management


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