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Environmental Health Investigations branch

People in different environments where they might be exposed to chemicals.


The Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB) studies and explains how the health of our environment affects our health. We provide information that can help reduce human exposure to harmful environmental risks. Our mission is to protect the health of all Californians by identifying environmental hazards, partnering with communities to build their capacity, and promoting healthy environments.

Learn more about EHIB, including current job openings. 

What’s New?

  • ​​Asthma Awareness Month Social Media Toolkit – This toolkit can be used by organizations and others to increase awareness about asthma during Asthma Awareness Month​.

  • CA woman suffers severe kidney damage after using dangerous face creams containing mercury: Consumer alert in English ​(PDF) and Spanish (PDF) – The California Department of Public Health urges consumers to stop using the 'A Beauty Cream' Products.​

  • Sacramento woman developed severe lead poisoning and died after using a hemorrhoid ointment from Vietnam called Cao Bôi Trĩ Cây Thầu Dầu. See alert in English​ and Vietnamese. Testing of the ointment found a dangerous amount of lead. Exposure to any amount of lead can harm health.  

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