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Mold in the Home Video Series

Our animated Mold in the Home video series answers frequently asked questions about mold in the home. Below are the first few videos in the series.

Mold Video 1 in English Screen Shot

When Mold in the Home Is a Problem

Mold Video 1 in Spanish Screen Shot

Cuando el moho en el hogar es un problema

Mold Video 2 in English Screen Shot

Mold and Health

Mold Video 2 in Spanish Screen Shot

El moho y la salud

Mold Video 3 in English Screen Shot

No Need for Mold Testing

Mold Video 3 in Spanish Screen Shot

No es necesario realizar pruebas para detectar el moho

When complete, the video series will include these videos: 
  1. When Mold in the Home Is a Problem
  2. Mold and Health
  3. No Need for Mold Testing
  4. Which Government Offices Should You Contact for Mold Problems
  5. Fixing Mold Problems
  6. Building Owners and Renters Working Together (to Solve Mold Problems)

Mold Resources for Tenants and Others


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