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Renew Multiple Sites (User Manual)


Process Summary

Forms Required
Prepare and upload the following forms in your online application:


Edit Business

Step 1 Log in to your account. If you don't have an account, refer to Create an Account User Manual.

1 Log in to online application system

Step 2 Click the Laboratory Facilities icon.

2 Laboratory Facilities icon

Step 3 Read and accept the Privacy Disclaimer by checking the box. Click Proceed.

3 Privacy Disclaimer

Step 4 On your Welcome screen, click the Business to go to the business dashboard where you can manage all sites under it.

4 Welcome screen

Step 5 Click the Continue button on the appropriate Primary Site's license you are renewing under the Work In Progress stack. Along the process, you will be asked to select the secondary sites you will renew together with the Primary Site.
Please Note: If you don't see a "Continue" button and it's 75 days before the Expiration Date, please contact us and include your State ID.

5 Business dashboard

Step 6 Review the current information saved in your Business and Site. Click Continue.

6 Click Continue

Step 7 Click Start Renewal.

7 Start Renewal

Step 8 Click Edit to update the Business Information you see on this page.

8 Edit Business Information

8 (A). Review / update Business Information. Click Next.

8a Update Business Information

8 (B). Review / update Mailing Address. Click Next.

8b Update Mailing Address

8 (C). Review / update Contact Information. Click Next.

8c Update Contact Information

8 (D). Review Ownership Information: Complete the required fields on each record as required by the selected Role.

  • To edit: click the Edit icon.
  • To add: click Add.
  • To remove or disassociate, click the Trash Bin icon.

Then, click Submit to finish updating the Business Information.

8d Ownership Information

8 (E). Click Continue Application.

8e Continue Application

Step 9 Review the updated Business information page. Scroll down and click the Next button.

9 Review updated business information

Edit Primary Testing Site

Step 10 Click Edit to update the Primary Site's Information.

10 Edit Laboratory Testing Site

10 (A). Review / update information on Primary Site. Click Next.

10a Update Primary Site information

10 (B). Review / update Primary Site's test information if necessary. Click Next.

10b Tests Performed

10 (C). Review / update Primary Site's laboratory personnel if necessary.

  • To edit: click the Edit icon.
  • To add: click Add New Laboratory Director or Add From Existing Personnel.
  • To remove or disassociate: click the Trash Bin icon.

Please note:

  • If Waived, uploading LAB 116 is not required.
  • If PPMP, or Moderate or High Complexity, upload a completed LAB 116 (PDF) form.

Then, click Submit.

10c Laboratory Personnel information

10 (D). Click Continue Application.

10d Continue Application

Step 11 Review the Primary Site information page. The updated information should show on this page. Scroll down and click the Next button.

11 Updated Site Information

Associate Sites

Step 12 Here on the Associate Site page, you can edit your existing secondary sites associated with this business or add new secondary site. 

  • To edit a secondary site: click the Edit button, make the changes and the system will take you back to this page to work on the other secondary sites.
  • To add a new secondary site: click the Add Site button, enter the information of the new secondary site, and the system will take you back to this page to continue.

12 (A). Select Yes to show the secondary sites to edit or select. 
12 (B). Select the applicable multiple site qualification, if not selected already.
12 (C). Select the secondary sites you want to renew. (Important! Otherwise, it will not be renewed)
Please note: Your primary site is already included and edited in the previous page. To edit the Primary Site's information, click the Back button.
Then, click Next when you're done.

12 Associate Site screen

Upload Documents

Step 13 Upload the required documents. If you are reporting changes with this renewal application, a CMS 116 form is also required. Click Next.

13 Upload Documents screen

Application Summary

Step 14 Review the Renewal Fee Summary and Total Fee. Click Next.

14 Application Summary screen

Application Attestation

Step 15 Review and sign the application attestation. Click Submit.

15 Attestation screen


Step 16 Click Shopping Cart.

16 Shopping Cart button

Step 17 Review your cart before clicking Proceed to Checkout.

17 Proceed to Checkout button

Step 18 Enter the payment details. Check the payment authorization clause. Click Submit.

18 Payment details

Step 19 The receipt can be downloaded. Click Close.

19 Payment Receipt

Step 20 Your business dashboard will show the status of your application. Once approved, you will see the Effective and Expiration Dates.

20 Business dashboard


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