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Renewal Online Application

Do you have information changes since the last time you applied/renewed? Apply these changes in your renewal application. Jump to: Renewing Online with Changes.

Forms Required

Prepare the required forms and upload in your online renewal application:

Renewing Online with Changes​

Required forms if there are changes (such as laboratory director, ownership, address, and contact details) from the last time you renewed/applied:

Requirements ​Waived
LAB 144A (PDF) -or- select tests online  No
 No  Yes
LAB 116 (PDF)​
 No  Yes Yes
​​LAB 182 (PDF)
Yes Yes Yes
LAB 183 (PDF)
CMS 116 (PDF)

Upgrading Certificate Type in Renewal

If you are renewing and upgrading the Certificate Type from Registration (Waived, PPMP) to License (COC, COA), do not proceed renewing online, instead, send us an email for specific instructions.

Downgrading Certificate Type in Renewal

If you are renewing and downgrading the Certificate Type from License (COC, COA) to Registration (Waived, PPMP), continue with the renewal application (RNL) online and select the appropriate Certificate Type. Apply the requirements from the table above.

Renewing Online with No Changes

Required forms if there are no changes from the last time you renewed/applied:

Requirements Waived ​PPMP ​Non-Waived
​​LAB 144A (PDF) -or- select tests online No
 No Yes
​​LAB 116 (PDF) No Yes Yes
LAB 182 (PDF)
Yes Yes
LAB 183 (PDF) Yes
Yes Yes

For more information on out-of-state online renewal requirements,
visit the Out-of-State renewal webpage.

stop Reminders

  • Annual renewal notices are sent 75 days before the expiration date.
  • If you are not an Owner, Shareholder, CEO, Board of Directors, Vice President, or Other type of owner, select Authorized Representative as your “Role” to avoid seeing your name on the certificate as an owner.
  • Do not click “Start New License” when renewing - A new license application will result in a new State ID and a gap in licensure which may affect your billing.
  • Do not submit an online application if you have already mailed-in an application, as duplicate applications may cause delays.
  • Renew within 60 days after the expiration date to avoid forfeiture of State laboratory license and termination of CLIA certification.

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