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Licensing and certification program

The Nursing Home Administrator Program (NHAP) Preceptor Program

An individual may, upon compliance with the requirements of Section 1416.57, be approved by the program to be a preceptor. Preceptors are authorized to provide a training program in which the preceptor coordinates, supervises, and teaches Administrators-in-Training (AIT). The approval obtained under this section shall be effective for a period of two years, after which the preceptor is required to renew his or her preceptor status and attend a preceptor training course provided by the NHAP.

An applicant may qualify to become a preceptor if they meet the eligibility requirements set forth in Health and Safety Code (HSC) Sections 1416.57(a) through (d).

To qualify to attend the NHAP Preceptor Training and become a preceptor, a licensed NHA shall meet all of the following conditions:

  1. Be a current active California licensed nursing home administrator.
  2. Have no pending disciplinary actions.
  3. Have served for at least two (2) years as the designated administrator of a California licensed nursing home or for at least four (4) years as the designated assistant administrator of a California licensed nursing home.
  4. Have gained experience in all administrative functions of a nursing home.
  5. The facilities where the applicant has had direct management control have had a continuous operating history free from major deficiencies.  Major deficiencies are defined as items reported to the NHAP under HSC Section 1416.12.

How To Apply For NHAP Preceptor Training

Licensed NHAs wanting to become a preceptor must submit:

  1. The Preceptor Registration Form (CDPH 516) (PDF).
  2. The appropriate preceptor training fee established by the NHAP.

Both the CDPH 516 form and fee are located on the NHAP website

Applicants must submit their application by the final filing date posted on the training schedule.

Preceptor Requirements During AIT Training

The following requirements shall apply to a preceptor approved pursuant to HSC section 1416.57(f).

  1. The preceptor shall provide a directly supervised training program that will include a minimum of 20 hours per week and a maximum of 60 hours per week and be available at least by telephone at all other times. A "directly supervised training program" means supervision by a preceptor of an AIT during the performance of duties authorized in their approved outline. The preceptor shall be onsite and available during the AIT's performance of those duties.
  2. There shall be regular personal contact between the preceptor and the AIT during the training program.
  3. The preceptor shall be the designated administrator of the facility where the training is conducted.
  4. The preceptor may not supervise more than two AIT trainees at the same time.
  5. The preceptor shall inform the NHAP of any significant training program changes dealing with his or her specific AIT. The preceptor can make minor program changes to the AIT program (e.g., small changes to the training hours per week, outline changes, etc.). However, major changes to the AIT program (e.g., 10 hour per week change or more, Preceptor and/or facility changes, etc.) must first be approved by the NHAP prior to the change taking effect
  6. The preceptor shall rate the AIT's training performance and complete an AIT evaluation report at the end of the AIT's training. The preceptor must submit the evaluation reports to the NHAP within 10 calendar days of completing each quarter, or every 250 hours, of the 1,000‑hour AIT training program.
  7. The preceptor must inform the NHAP if the AIT program is put on hold and request approval to restart the program.

An AIT training does not start until NHAP issues an AIT approval letter. Hours trained prior to the NHAP issuing its approval are not counted toward the 1,000 hours.

How To Report Changes During AIT Program

The Preceptor is required to report certain changes to the NHAP, and the Preceptor should receive NHAP approval prior to making any changes.  These changes are:

  1. Adjusting training hours by 10 hours or more per week.
  2. Changing facilities where training is conducted.
  3. Terminating the training.
  4. Placing the training on hold.

These changes are reported by updating the appropriate sections on the Preceptor Information for AIT Program CDPH 502C (PDF) and submitting them to the NHAP via e-mail at Please allow up to 30 days processing time for all program change requests. 

The above changes to the AIT program must first be approved by the NHAP prior to the change taking effect. Failing to report changes or waiting for approval from the NHAP may result in the training hours not being accepted.

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