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prenatal screening program

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Information for Providers

The California Prenatal Screening (PNS) Program provides a unified standard of care for prenatal screening services. As a provider, you play a key role participating in the PNS Program and explaining it to your patients.

Explaining prenatal testing to patients can be difficult. Patients come from diverse backgrounds. And decision-making regarding genetic testing may be influenced by a variety of factors. 

But it is up to you to share information about the detection and false positive rates, advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of screening tests as well as the risks and benefits of diagnostic testing to patients so that they can make informed decisions. 

Please use the following form to get patient consent for prenatal testing:

PNS Program Changes

The PNS Program is changing later in 2022 to add cfDNA Screening as a primary screening test. Please see the following web pages for more information.

New! Summary of Prenatal Screening Program Changes (PDF, 2 pages)

Genetic Education Modules (GEM)

The California Prenatal Screening Program is pleased to announce a unique opportunity. Up to 500 California prenatal care providers will obtain access to the Perinatal Quality Foundation's Genetic Education Modules (GEM), using a unique code provided by the California Prenatal Screening Program. 

Attendees of PNS Program webinars will be among the first providers offered this opportunity. Additional providers may contact the program at to obtain the unique code until a maximum number of provider users is reached.

Perinatal Quality Foundation (PQF) is a non-profit foundation. The GEM modules include state of the art education materials on cell-free (cfDNA) screening, as well as a variety of provider training materials, videos, and tools relating to prenatal genetic testing.

The unique code will give a California provider free access to the GEM modules until year end 2022. It will also provide the opportunity to earn up to 3.5 CME credits for $40. The GEM modules normally require a physician's practice to subscribe to the service for a year to obtain access.To use the unique code for the PQF GEM Modules, please visit Instructions on Using GEM Code for CA  Physicians (PDF).

Online Information Systems

Program Materials

Program Resources


Prenatal Information and Update Newsletter, Winter 2022 (PDF) ... Fall 2021 (PDF) ... Summer 2020 (PDF) ... Fall 2019 (PDF) ... Fall 2018 (PDF)

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