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prenatal screening program

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Information for Prenatal Care Providers

The California Prenatal Screening (PNS) Program is a comprehensive public health service that makes prenatal screening available to all pregnant individuals in the state who want it. Each year approximately 340,000 pregnant individuals choose prenatal screening through the PNS Program. 

Prenatal Care providers must share information about the PNS Program with their pregnant patients. Pregnant individuals decide if they want to participate in the PNS Program. If they do participate, Medi-Cal or private health insurance must cover all program fees, with only a few exceptions (self-insured employers or out-of-state health plans). In addition to screening, for patients with positive screening results, the program fee includes high-quality follow-up services, such as genetic counseling, ultrasound, and diagnostic tests at state-approved Prenatal Diagnosis Centers (PDCs).

The PNS Program also provides patient and provider educational materials focused on the benefits and limitations of screening. A program e-newsletter with important updates is published on an as-needed basis. The PNS Program additionally maintains contracts and provides quality control monitoring for all state-approved PDCs.

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Provider Video

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Title: California Prenatal Screening Program Provider Video

Published: 8/8/2022

Duration: 7:01

Online Information Systems

Program ​Materials


Two-page posters to print and hang on your office wall


Back-up Order Forms

Translated Prenatal Screening Consent Language

We are providing these translations of the patient consent language on the California Prenatal Screening Program order forms as a courtesy. They should not take the place of your practice’s translation or interpretation services necessary to ensure appropriate consent. Please feel free to share the translated consent language with patients, but ask them to sign the English language Consent and Order Confirmation or Back-up Patient Order Form. 

Decline Forms

Provider Handbook

cfDNA Labora​tory Instructions and FAQs




Prenatal Diagnosis Center Standards

Prenatal Diagnosis Center (PDC) Standards and Definitions 2022 (PDF)​​

Patient Materials

Education Resources - For Patients

Genetic Support Foundation Videos

Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet - English (PDF, 12 pages, 1.3MB)

Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet X and Y Insert - English (PDF, 2 pages)

Patient Booklet Summaries - These summaries should be used in addition to the patient booklets, not instead of them. It is important that each patient receive the patient booklet. The patient booklet includes a full description of the program and its components, what consent means, and mandated legal notices.

Prenatal Screening Patient Glossary - English (PDF, 2 pages) ​​​​​

Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet (use “sel​ect language” button in top right of web page to view in additional languages)

Patient FAQ​

Prenatal Screening Patient Video (English, MP4, 3.29 min)

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Information Survey

  • QR code for Patient Video in English (save and share with patients to use with a QR Code Reader) bit
  • QR code for Patient Video in Spanish (save and share with patients to use with a QR Code Reader)bit
  • QR code for Patient Video in Chinese (save and share with patients to use with a QR Code Reader)bit

To download, distribute, or share a PNS Program patient video file, please follow a link to the vimeo site and download each video separately.


Program Resources


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