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prenatal screening program

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Education Resources

Patient and provider education resources for the revised and current PNS Program can be downloaded from the following web pages:

Patient Materials

Education Resources - For Patients

Genetic Support Foundation Videos

Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet - English (PDF, 12 pages, 1.3MB)

Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet X and Y Insert - English (PDF, 2 pages)

Patient Booklet Summaries - These summaries should be used in addition to the patient booklets, not instead of them. It is important that each patient receive the patient booklet. The patient booklet includes a full description of the program and its components, what consent means, and mandated legal notices.

Prenatal Screening Patient Glossary - English (PDF, 2 pages) ​​​​​

Prenatal Screening Patient Booklet (use “sel​ect language” button in top right of web page to view in additional languages)

Patient FAQ​

Prenatal Screening Patient Video (English, MP4, 3.29 min)

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Information Survey

  • QR code for Patient Video in English (save and share with patients to use with a QR Code Reader) bit
  • QR code for Patient Video in Spanish (save and share with patients to use with a QR Code Reader)bit
  • QR code for Patient Video in Chinese (save and share with patients to use with a QR Code Reader)bit

To download, distribute, or share a PNS Program patient v​​​ideo file, please follow a link to the vimeo site and download each video separately.

For Providers

PNS Program

The PNS Program changed on September 19, 2022, to add cfDNA Screening as a primary screening test. Please see the following web pages for more information.

Summary of Prenatal Screening Program Changes (PDF, 2 pages)​

Program Materials

The following materials apply to the revised PNS Program, which launched on September 19, 2022.

cfDNA Labora​tory Instructions and FAQs





Provider Handbook

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